Here are some of the cutest robots ever created

We’ve come a long way since the mechanical bots of Batteries Not Included, Short Circuit and others. We're rounding up some cute bots. (image credit: Lovot)
Beyond its emotional features, Buddy can also act as a security camera, smart-home controller, and can be used to set timers or reminders. (image credit: Blue Frog Robotics)
In 2002 the Guinness World Record officially recognised PARO as the world's most therapeutic robot. And it's cute too! (image credit: PARO)
You can spoon the Sleep Robot in bed and it will simulate breathing rhythms to help you regulate and slow down your own breathing and rest easy. (image credit: Somnox)
Woobo is capable of pulling various facial expressions and it has an onboard voice assistant that can answer your child’s questions. (image credit: Woobo)
This social robot was designed to show how robots can work alongside humans. It's capable of mimicking human expressions, interacting and tracking objects too. (image credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
This robot moves its head and says hello when it senses someone is nearby. It also makes cute sounds in response to emotional words such as “happy” and “tired.” (image credit: Yukai)
Here's a robot you can love. When you sit and stroke the cushion, the tail swishes and wags in appreciation, which is said to help lower stress levels. (image credit: Yukai)
Yume Neko is covered in fake fur and is fitted with sensors throughout the body that can determine how they’re being touched, and it will react appropriately. (image credit: Sega Toys)
The only humanoid robot in this list is the super cute Robi. It can speak and understand over 250 words. (image credit: Model space)
This bot is crammed full of sensors that let it recognise faces, it can hear voices and answer questions too. (image credit: NEC)
Topo was an amazing robot by 1980s standards. It was programmable via the Apple II and would move around according to its program.  (image credit: YouTube)
This is another cute robot from the 1980s. This little package of fun could respond to voice commands and would wave its little robot arms about the place. (image credit: Press shot via
Robear is a cute looking robot that's designed to help with elderly care and lifting physically impaired senior citizens out of their bed and into a wheelchair. (image credit: Lazy Engineers)
RoBoHon is a robot that also doubles as a smartphone. It can place and take calls but it also has a projector built into its face. A handy bot to have around!  (image credit: Sharp)
Pitched as the world's first robot cheerleader this bot is full of flair and has the ability to dance and entertain with flashing lights.  (image credit: Murata)
This is a coding robot that's designed for kids and is built to help them learn. It includes both games and programming resources to help kids learn to code. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
Lovot reacts to its owner’s mood. If you’re feeling sad, Lovot will approach you for a hug, or it can sing a relaxing song when you’re stressed. (image credit: Lovot)

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