(Pocket-lint) - Tile has announced a complete refresh of its line-up of Bluetooth trackers, including the launch of a completely new device - Tile Sticker.

The new tracker gets its name from its application, as it's designed to stick to things. Rather than being on a keyfob, the Sticker is backed with 3M adhesive that's designed to stick and stay stuck for up to 3-5 years.

Of course that means that the Tile Sticker doesn't have a removable battery, instead it's designed to be stuck onto something you might want to keep track of and stay put. 

The Tile Sticker works in exactly the same way as other Tile devices, providing a Bluetooth tag that you can find with your phone - but also able to be securely detected by the wider Tile community. If you lose an item you can use the app to find it - and if it's not in your location, then the community will be alerted to its lost and if detected, you will be notified.

Tile Sticker will be idea for things like bikes, allowing you to stick it someone out of sight, but meaning that if your bike does go missing, there's a chance that it will be within range of the Tile network and be detected. 

Tile Sticker has a battery life of 3 years and can be detected from up to 45 metres away and it is also waterproof to IPX7 standards, so doesn't matter if it gets wet. You'll be able to buy it in two packs for £34.99.

Elsewhere in the Tile family, the Tile Pro and Tile Mate have both been updated to provide better ranges - with the Tile Pro now offering 122 metre range and the Tile Mate offering 60 metre range. The Tile Pro is £29.99; Tile Mate is £19.99. 


There's also a new version of the Tile Slim. This credit card sized tracker will slip into your wallet or luggage tag, so you can easily find it if you lose it. It also has a 60 metre range. The Tile Slim will cost £24.99. 

All the new devices are now available from a range of retailers, bringing a lot more diversity to Tile's offering.


Writing by Chris Hall.