(Pocket-lint) - Cars are embracing tech faster than any other segment at the moment.

Whether it's introducing new entertainment systems, self-driving control, or interfaces that can talk to you, your next car is definitely going to be a lot more technologically advanced than what you're more than likely driving today.

While the vision of tomorrow that is portrayed by car makers looks amazing, how can you improve your experience today and keep safe?

There are a number of gadgets that you can buy that will turn current car into a technological marvel, making your in-car experience not only more enjoyable, but also safer too.

Here are five car gadgets to get you started on that journey:


Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Mount

With most of us using our phones for a range of things in the car from controlling our music to using it for directions, having somewhere to put it safely can be a problem. The Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Mount is the best rated on Amazon. Why is it so good? It features 360 degree rotation, works with virtually all the leading smartphones on the market and grips on to your air vent so you don't have to worry about horrible suckers on your windscreen.

PRICE: £5.29 / $14.99 


Nextbase 522GW

People drive crazy sometimes. But having proof of that can be hard unless you invest in a dash cam. Nextbase is one of the leading dash cam makers and the 522GW is the company's top of the range offering with plenty to impress. Key features include 1440p HD resolution at 30 fps recording, a polarising filter so it isn't caught out by a sunny blind spot, and a touchscreen to control it all. Oh and it has Alexa and Emergency SOS functionality built-in too.  

PRICE: £149.00 / $259.99


AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

This small and pocketable digital tyre pressure gauge comes with a backlit LCD screen so you can see what you are doing in dimly lit areas and will help you keep a track of your tyre pressure if your car won't do it. Having the right pressure in your tyres not only helps with fuel economy, but also means you'll reduce the wear and tear of the tyre itself.

PRICE: £9.99 / $14.99 


NOCO Boost Pro GB150 portable jump starter

There's nothing worse that finding your battery is flat and your car won't start, especially when you've just got back to a dark and lonely car park. The NOCO Boost Pro GB150 is able to start a dead battery without you having to rely on the kindness of a nearby driver. Better still, it doesn't just jump start your car, you can use the included battery to give your phone, or tablet a much needed kick start too.

PRICE: £259.99 / $374.95 


Road Viva by Anker

If you don't have Android Auto and use your car for satnav, you'll know that mapping software drains your battery quicker than you can do a theoretical 0-60mph. Anker, who have a fantastic pedigree in portable batteries, have made this fast charging unit that not only charges your USB gadgets, but also has Amazon's Alexa built in so you can fire off voice commands while you drive.

PRICE: £45.99 / $35.99