(Pocket-lint) - Gocycle is adding another bike to its range. Having launched the fast-folding GX earlier in 2019, there's going to be a more advanced option - the GXi.

Gocycle has told us that its folding version has been its fastest selling model so it makes sense to increase the options available and that's what the GXi is. The new model lifts some of the advanced features from the Gocycle G3 and adds them to the folding model.

That means you get that handlebar cockpit with LED lights to give you information about your bike at a glance. You also get the auto-shifter, which is smart enough to move you down the gears when you stop at the lights, so you're ready to get moving again. The GX has a manual shifter, so this is quite the upgrade, making a smarter bike overall.


Elsewhere you'll find a larger battery with a 75Wh increase and all the cables are routed internally, so there's a neater overall finish - as well reducing the chance of you catching anything when your bike is folded and on the move. 

Of course the fold action is the really important part of the package, with both the GX and GXi letting you, essentially, flip a catch and then fold the frame in half, meaning you can easily stow your bike under a desk, in your hallway or in the boot of the car. 

Gocycle offers a distinctive design, uses advanced lightweight materials and has a CleanDrive system, so there's no chain that's going to smear oil on your legs if you accidentally brush against it. 

The Gocycle GXi is said to give you 50 miles range from a 4 hour charge and that's through pedal assistance, a system that's nice and smooth - and easy to ride. 

The Gocycle GXi will get a bump in price, however, costing £3,699, but this isn't just a bike, it's a premium electric bike that could mean you can cancel your travelcard and get out in the saddle instead. The Gocycle GXi will be available from early 2020.

Writing by Chris Hall.