(Pocket-lint) - The Solis X is a new hotspot that works in 130 countries, but the 4G LTE hotspot also has numerous tricks up its sleeve. Firstly, it's a power bank with4700 mAh battery that uses USB-C to charge your phone during the day. You won't be charging your laptop off of it unlike some power banks, but it'll certainly top you up.

Then there's an 8 megpixel camera for quickly capturing moments while you're working - perhaps receipts or expenses could be a valid use case here. Mind you, you're likely to have your phone on you while using the hotspot so it could be a moot point. 

Finally, the device has a built-in smart assistant that can be integrated with IFTTT so you're able to control stacks of apps and services. This function works in tandem with the Solis WiFi app on your phone, which also enables you to top-up the device with data. 

The device follows up on the existing Solis hotspot, which also had a power bank feature. The Solis X Wi-Fi Smartspot starts at £179.99. No SIM is needed, and you can simply register and then choose whether you pay-as-you-go or subscribe to data.

The hotspot can be used by up to 10 connected devices at once. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.