(Pocket-lint) - The original Rubik's Cube has been a solid favourite worldwide for decades but in 2019, if something isn't connected to your phone, is it even interesting?

That's the name of the game with GoCube, a new and improved puzzle that's fitted with smart sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to make puzzle-solving more engaging. 

GoCube is designed to track and measure your movements to help teach you how to solve the classic puzzle, sharpen your skills and beat other players too. 

Particula, the company behind GoCube says this smart connected toy can help you learn how to solve the puzzle in just one hour. From there you can keep on tracking and improving your solving skills to get faster and faster. 

GoCube is built as a speed cube too. It's designed with special mechanisms to make it smoother, faster and less clunky than the classic Rubik's Cube, making it more enjoyable to play with. 

GoCube started life on Indiegogo where it proved so popular it managed to raise more than $1.1 million (around £950,000). Now it's available to purchase for $99, a tad more expensive than the standard Rubik's Cube but a heck of a lot more interesting. 

This intelligent toy includes a real-time display of the cube on your phone or tablet, interactive tutorials and a competitive leaderboard you can climb while battling it our against friends or strangers. All this should certainly make for many hours of finger twitching fun. 

Who knows, maybe with the help of GoCube, you'll be able to beat the record-breaking robot

Writing by Adrian Willings.