Real-life Iron Man tech: Check out these amazing robot-like prosthetic body parts

Made by Mobius Bionics, the LUKE is the only commercially available prosthetic to have a powered shoulder so users can lift the arm above their head. (image credit:
This was the world's first medically certified, 3D-printed robotic prosthetic designed for kids with custom designs available. (image credit: Open Bionics)
This one is a bionic arm fitted with more than 100 sensors designed to give it human-like strength, dexterity and range of motion too. (image credit: Johns Hopkins University)
A musician who lost his arm after he was electrocuted in 2012 can play the piano again thanks to a bionic hand-built arm from Georgia Institute of Technology. (image credit: Georgia Tech)
This is a bionic eye paired with a camera fitted to glasses worn by the user. The images captured by the camera are then recreated by the prostethic. (image credit:
This is a prosthetic designed to replace an amputee’s ankle and foot and help with walking stability. (image credit: BiOM)
This is a prosthetic that's so dextrous, it can even tie shoelaces and automatically changes the level of grip in case something needs a more delicate touch. (image credit: Bebionic)
This one is said to be capable of solving a Rubik's Cube, thanks to its incredible dexterity. It's also said to be one of the most advanced robotic hands in the world. (image credit: Shadow Robot)
French artist JL Gonzal recently built an arm capable of helping tattoo artist to continue his career after he lost his lower limb in an accident. (image credit: JL Gonzal)
This is a sports prosthetic with a three-phase hydraulic swing designed specifically for rapid flexion and extension when running and sprinting. (image credit: Ossur)
The Linx leg system is so advanced it won the Royal Academy of Engineering's MacRobert Award – an annual prize for innovation in engineering. (image credit: Blatchford)
This one is a prosthetic voice box this is designed to help restore the voices of throat cancer patients. (image credit: Innaumation Medical Devices)