(Pocket-lint) - There are some fantastic artists on Instagram and if you like toys, action figures and the like, then you're in for a treat.

We've been wading our way through Instagram feeds in an effort to find some skilled artists with a flair for bringing plastic to life.

These are some of our favourite accounts to follow and when you see what they can do we're sure you'll hit that follow button too.


Hulk in action by Hot.kenobi

Hot.kenobi is a Japanese photographer who uses clever photography techniques paired with his favourite action toys to create fantastic visual stories.

His works include everything from superheroes living everyday lives to Marvel characters in the midst of action. This one sees the Hulk in mid-charge, kicking up dirt as he dashes off into the distance.


Superhero selfie by Hot.kenobi

Another brilliant superhero close-up by hot.kenobi shows the action heroes posing for a selfie. If this was the real thing, we're sure it would be an Instagram sensation and a record breaker.


Spiderman mishap by Hot.kenobi

The new Spiderman is a bit of a buffoon. Ironman certainly has to put up with a lot. This snap shows some unfortunate action unfolding as the two collide.

irishblood4800/Casey Porter

John Wick at rest by Casey Porter

If you're a fan of comic book heroes and awesome photography, then Articulated Comic Book Art is another Instagram account worth following. This account posts all sorts of brilliant images including everything from John Wick to Popeye.

This one sees John Wick resting, presumably in the midst or aftermath of a gun battle, in a comfy chair surrounded by bodies. It's the work of Casey Porter (irishblood4800) who posts action figures with a darker vibe.

Marty McCusker

Hadouken! by Marty McCusker

Another one of Articulated Comic Book Art's brilliant posts includes works by other users sharing and showing off their work. Here Street Fighter's Ryu is about to blast off his signature energy move. Hadouken! This is one of Marty McCusker's images, reshared via the Articulated Comic Book Art account.

Stephen Cort Smith

Skeletor feeding his pets by Stephen Cort Smith

Even evil masterminds have real people problems. This little setup shows Skeletor in the middle of feeding his pet feline. Stephen Cort Smith (hedreamcomparison_toys) posts a lot of images featuring Skeletor, He-man and the gang. So if you're into 90s toys, you'll love this account.


Wolverine ready to party by hrjoe_photography

Edy Hardjo, who goes by the handle hrjoe_photography on Instagram, uses his serious talents to put action figures in all sorts of pickles. Clever poses, some mini sets and a dash of Photoshop and he creates some marvellous visions with a variety of action figures.


No privacy by hrjoe_photography

It seems that even superheroes can't get any privacy. These chaps should know better than to oggle a lady. We're not too sure what face the Hulk is pulling while gawping at her.


Batman vs Bean by hrjoe_photography

We'd certainly pay to see this film - imagine the frustration Batman would have to go through while dealing with Mr Bean. Edy Hardjo has an undeniable talent for creating awesome little scenes with his action figures.


A kidnapping gone awry by actionfigurefotos

If you prefer something a bit more retro, then actionfigurefotos might be the account for you. This Instagram page posts images of action figures from the 60s and 90s, sometimes in the same photo.

Here, the Joker and Riddler are in the middle of kidnapping Robin when Robocop shows up to save the day.


Action figure mash-up by actionfigurefotos

Some Michael Knight has managed to get hold of Marty McFly's hoverboard and the iconic Sports Almanac. We wonder what he plans to do with them other than making a mint.

There's certainly a lot of variety in actionfigurefotos posts. Characters from all your favourite shows and some you've never seen make an appearance.


Wyld Stallyns rule by actionfigurefotos

With the news that Bill and Ted is coming back to the big screen, this post only seems fitting. We're looking forward to the reboot and love these two music-loving lunatics.


Mischievious Potter by Princedraco

Another cracking action figure artist is Princedraco. Their artwork often sees various action figures posing for portrait like photos, but there's sometimes a dash of action too.

This chortle-worthy example sees Harry Potter getting up to some mischief, using his powers for something saucier than usual.


Wolverine in the smoke by Princedraco

A classically styled Wolverine is seen stalking through the smoke. This is a cracking example of Princedraco's work and the brilliant portrait styled images he snaps.


Scorpio vs Subzero by Princedraco

There may be trouble ahead as Mortal Kombat characters Subzero and Scorpio ready for a scrap.

ryandeantoyphotography/Chuck's Creations

Toy close-up by Chuck's Creations

For action shots of Lego characters getting up to mischief, we recommend following Chuck's Creations. This account regularly posts some fantastic images including classics like this that seems to show Lego inception. Photos of toys taking photos of toys.

ryandeantoyphotography/Chuck's Creations

Kermit and Woody at the beach by Chuck's Creations

As well as Lego, Chuck's Creations seems to have a thing for both Toy Story characters and muppets too. The result of this passion is awesome mash-ups like this image of Woody and Kermit having a day out at the beach.

ryandeantoyphotography/Chuck's Creations

Woody likes Duff by Chuck's Creations

One thing is for sure, Woody knows how to relax. First kicking it with Kermit at the beach, then unwinding with a cold brew.


Where's my money bubb? By bio.mech.force

Ron (also known as bio.mech.force) is an amateur toy photograph and diorama builder with some amusing talent. He's an unusual but awesome addition to this list as he usually posts several images in a collection that tell a mini story of mayhem and fun.


Freddie vs Bruce by bio.mech.force

As well as telling stories with his art, bio.mech.force also quite often puts together characters you'd otherwise never see in the same shot. In this case, Freddie Mercury is duking it out with Bruce Lee. Two legends together.


Joker buys a Pepsi by bio.mech.force

It seems like the Joker can't even do something as simple as purchasing a cold Pepsi without Batman interfering.

Marty McCusker

Hulk smash by Marty McCusker

It seems that visions of Hulk smashing things or getting angry is popular with these toy posing artists. Marty McCusker isn't a one-trick pony though, his works include a nice variety of action figures snapped in all manner of locations getting up to all sorts.


Pooh learns to shoot by public_enema

Papa Shango is an Instagram artist with a talent for creating all sorts of weird and wonderful scenes with various action figures. Where else would you see Pooh Bear learning to shoot with Deadpool?


The Thing by cbp_figures

When it comes to larger than life superheroes smashing things, it's not just the Hulk who has a lot of force behind him. The Thing is pretty mean too.

Cristopher (cbp_figures) in one artist with a talent for creating moving scenes with still photos, a little poise and plenty of skill. His work often sees various action figures and toys battling it out or on a running rampage of enthralling action for all to enjoy.


He-man and Lion-O by By the Bulb

By the Bulb describes their account as "Making toys fight. Mostly" and what better fighting toys than He-man and Thundercat's Lion-O? Two burly men with one thing on their mind.


Ninja Turtles kicking up storm by By the Bulb

One thing's for sure, if you're a fan of action, By the Bulb's account won't disappoint. Even the Ninja Turtles are seen kicking all kinds of baddie behind.

supdmk/Jim Dem

Nathan Drake by Jim Dem

Uncharted might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't still see Nathan Drake in action. At least we can in action figure form anyway, thanks to Jim Dem (supdmk) who's crafted plenty of awesome action figure shots including this one of our favourite gaming hero.


Turtles vs Vader by plasticaction

Jax Navarro (plasticaction) uses toys to tell stories in a variety of awesome ways with some brilliant cross overs that include this gem with the Ninja Turtles handing out a beat-down to Darth Vader. They're also recording it to jump on the bandwagon with the bottle cap challenge.


Joker vs Batman by thatgeekbob

Thatgeekbob makes comic book characters come to life in a more literal way with the inclusion of action and speech bubbles that help tell the story of what's going on. Apparently, all the shots are real and there's no Photoshop trickery involved either.

Surprising what a simple one-liner can make to a still image.


Joker japes by Lucas Dg

Lucas Dg's account is anything but boring. From sequence shots like this one to action-packed standalone stills, this artist creates plenty of interest with their figures.

Writing by Adrian Willings.