Best geek t-shirts: Top shirt wear for the ultimate nerds

We've collected some of our favourite geek t-shirts for you to enjoy. Wear your geek pride for all to see with these awesome tees.  (image credit: Francesco Paggiaro/Pexels)
What do Star Wars fans, pregnant mums and geeks have in common? This maternity t-shirt apparently. That's no moon, it's a Death Star! (image credit: Crazy Dog Tshirts/Amazon)
Maybe ghosts don't always need busting and sometimes they just need a hug or freeing from various predicaments they've got themselves stuck in? (image credit: Ronin84/Threadless)
The classic oil paintings of Dogs Playing Poker are incredibly well-known and iconic, but we love this modern re-imagining. (image credit: Beena)
Bob's Burgers might well be one of our favourite cartoons to ever grace the television. (image credit: Bob's Burgers/Amazon)
Love Bob's Burgers but always preferred Archer? No problem, there's always this t-shirt crossover. (image credit: bettyhowel/Redbubble)
Are you like us and love the idea of space travel and all the good work that NASA and co are doing? (image credit: Major Future NASA Space Clothing/NASA)
It might be a fair few years since Breaking Bad last graced our telly box, but that doesn't mean it's any less awesome. (image credit: Popfunk/Amazon)
This is a retro geek t-shirt which probably needs a little explanation (especially for a younger audience). (image credit: mixxci)
Another Breaking Bad t-shirt, but this one is far more subtle and the uncultured might just think you're a big fan of the chicken brother's restaurant. (image credit: Breaking Bad/Amazon)
Dad jokes and geekery collide in this amusing t-shirt about binary code.  If you're not sure what the joke is we won't judge you if you pop off to Google it.  (image credit: 8ball)
Show your love for retro storage formats with this t-shirt that's also an amusing nod to Star Wars as well. (image credit: Teescircle/Amazon)
Luci is perhaps our favourite character from Matt Groening's Disenchantment. (image credit: Trend t-shirts)
Is there a more iconic gaming character than Pac-Man? Especially for the retro geek. (image credit: Old Skool Hooligans/Amazon)
Feeling cute? So is Groot. Now you can sport a tee that looks like you're carrying around a diddy version of Groot in your front pocket. (image credit: Abystyle/Amazon)
Most of what Deadpool gets up to is either too rude, vulgar or gruesome to wear on a t-shirt, but the malformed superhero is also all about having fun. (image credit: teeherivar)
I went outside once, but the graphics weren't very good and the respawn times sucked. (image credit: dhgate)
The classic Great Wave image has been turned into a meme and become the great Ramen Wave. In t-shirt form this is a great bit of geekery. (image credit: Simple Design Apparel)
We love this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, not just because of the subject matter, but because of the retro styling.  (image credit: Nickelodeon)