Incredibly clever solutions to modern problems

We've collected some brilliant designs from around the world that will certainly make you think.  (image credit: CerebralSlurry/Reddit)
This is a public restroom where people are expected to pay to use the facilities. But there's no charge for young children, so if they can fit they can go in.  (image credit: Prodigy829)
This imaginative business card gives the recipient info on various different important bits of information about the owner. (image credit: Scared_Ass)
This is a gadget that works as a drain by collecting any rubbish on the water's surface and stopping it from moving onwards into the sea.  (image credit: Seabin Project)
This hotel has a special number you can dial on the room's phone in order to get some bedtime stories. A great perk if you need help to nod off. (image credit: ToxicSteve13/Reddit)
This dentist knows how intimidated people can feel and has cleverly installed a Where's Wally (or Where's Waldo) puzzle in the ceiling to help visitors relax. (image credit: mtmannion/Reddit)
This lift has extra buttons that you can press with your feet if your hands are full/busy. (image credit: WharFalcon/Reddit)
Public washrooms are potentially awash with germs. This door handle encourages you to use your wrist rather than your hands to open it. (image credit: Reddit)
This is a toilet in a supermarket where all the rolls on display are available to purchase, so you can try them before you buy. (image credit: shishdem/Reddit)
This shop has different baskets, one tells staff that you'd prefer not to be bothered, and one says you might like help. (image credit: Reddit)
Scientists have been using satellites to track the oceans to work out where microplastics are most likely to congregate to help clean-up efforts. (image credit: NASA)
This Canadian TV remote control has a dedicated hockey button so sports fans can get right to the action (image credit: bubbles_loves_omar)
Instead of a mirror, this bathroom has an encouraging message for you instead.  (image credit: RaspberrySodaPop)
This is a nifty little machine at an airport allows travellers to print out free short stories to keep them entertained while they wait for their flights. (image credit: MisallocatedRacism/Reddit)
At one blood bank, they have clever digital gauges where you can see how much blood of each type the bank has. This is a great way to get people donating.  (image credit: awritemate)
This is a playground in Copenhagen designed to help children learn how to interact with traffic. (image credit: ledigtbrugernavn3)
Ever had trouble deciding what drink you want from a vending machine? This machine helps get around this issue by only having one option - "surprise". (image credit: Korbett89/Reddit)
This is an easy-to-understand gauge which lets you know at a glance how many people can safely board an elevator. (image credit: bgrafnation/Reddit)
In Australia, they have a system to let people know when there's danger or particular risk in order to help avoid fire-based disasters.  (image credit: Brinq/Reddit)