(Pocket-lint) - British Airways has launched an RFID tagging device that you attach to your bags to ensure your luggage always travels with you.

The British Airways Tag is reusable digital bag tag with a screen that you can purchase to register your luggage before you even get to bag drop.

You connect the digital Tag to the BA app on your iOS or Android smartphone and it will not only save you time at the check-in desk, but keep your details with your luggage wherever you go. Its screen will show your current flight information.

Of course, it only works with BA flights. And, you have to purchase the Tag yourself - priced at £63 until October 2019 when it will rise to £80. But, the digital device can be used over 3,000 times. That's a lot of flights.

The RFID label also attaches to your bag like a traditional address tag, so you no longer have to unpeel the traditional stickers that potentially ruin the look of expensive cases.

BA has been testing its Tag for a while, but you can now purchase one from the airline's website.

RFID tagging is also not new in the flight business, Qantas also sells its Q Bag Tag that does a similar thing but without a changeable display. It doesn't work with the company's respective mobile app, however.

Writing by Rik Henderson.