Brilliantly designed real world gadgets and gizmos that you'll marvel at

This old phone booth has been converted into a convenient place to get some extra juice for your smartphone instead. (image credit: Reddit)
This simple design gets you to use your wrist to open the door - for hands-free, germ-avoiding opening.   (image credit: Reddit)
Recycling and repurposing is great for the environment. One example of this is homes made from disused shipping containers.  (image credit: Adam Kalkin)
In Denmark, they have doggy dens to prevent your pooch from being stolen while you shop and also have a built-in automatic disinfectant and cooling system. (image credit: wendzedin)
This hotel mirror is located near the elevators and tells you what the weather is like outside before you leave the building. (image credit: Reddit)
This is a special booth in an American library that allows library-goers a private place to take (or make) a phone call without disturbing fellow library users. (image credit: Reddit)
With these buttons, kids at the hospital will have an easier time of remembering what floor they're on. (image credit: Reddit)
This nifty little strip of metal can be seen at some bars for keeping your drinks cool while they're not in use. (image credit: Reddit)
This is a special umbrella storage unit that allows members of the public to store their umbrellas and lock them in place so no one else can make off with them. (image credit: Reddit)
These are hexagonal crayons where unusual shape is designed to help stop them from rolling off the table. Simple but effective.  (image credit: Reddit)
The flooring at the London Science Museum is educational. Take a close look and you'll see chromosomes starting back at you.  (image credit: Reddit)
There's a lot to like about this image. Firstly it shows a mini-golf course on a pier, that's fairly awesome in itself. The balls are biodegradable. (image credit: Reddit)
This hotel room is designed in such a way that the door can shut off either of two different doorways. Weird and wonderful architecture. (image credit: Reddit)
In the event of a fire, the best thing to do is to hit the floor and try to find an exit. Putting the emergency info at floor level makes sense. (image credit: Reddit)
This is a space-saving seat storage solution that allows you to pop unused chairs in the wall. It also gives easy-access to extra seating whenever it's needed. (image credit: Reddit)
This is Marty. He's a special safety robot employed by Stop&Shop supermarkets to trawl the aisles in search of spillages, debris or tripping hazards. (image credit: Reddit)