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(Pocket-lint) - Pocketalk has finally made it to the UK. It's a portable translation device that uses Wi-Fi or included two-year global data for on-the-fly translation between 74 languages. It's also compatible with some dialects such as Brazilian Portuguese. 

It's an easily pocketable device as you'd expect but at £259 it's probably only a purchase for those who regularly travel to new locations for work - it will work in 126 countries across the globe.

Mind you, while not the cheapest option, it does enable you to have a flowing conversation so it could be a small expense if you need to chat work.

As it's a relatively new device Pocketalk hasn't revealed details on how it plans to offer users to top-up the data after the two years have ended, but the FAQ on the Pocketalk website says "we plan to offer the renewals at $50 per year"

Pocketalk has a relatively simple interface without the distractions of a smartphone app or any concerns over mobile data use. It has a battery life of around five hours of constant use. You can also put the device into sleep mode when you're not using it so it'll last for several days. It charges using USB-C. 

To help with conversation in busy environments, there are dual noise-cancelling mics.

The device is available from Amazon UK in white, black and gold now. 


Writing by Dan Grabham.