Satisfying photos of classic and modern control rooms

We've collected some of the very best control rooms for you to enjoy and marvel at.  (image credit: NASA/Glenn Research Center)
A brilliantly colourful and intriguingly lit control panel of the hydropower plant at Boguchany Dam in Russia. (image credit: rushydro)
Here's a view of Battersea power station, complete with all the machines, dials and equipment that used to run it. (image credit: Will Pearson)
Here's an impressive shot of the control room at the Johnson Space Centre. A view of how NASA controls its important missions. (image credit: NASA)
This one shows the brains of AT&T's Global Network Operations Center. This control room handles some serious amounts of data every day and every year. (image credit: AT&T)
Old control rooms had loads of dials and metal machines. Modern control centres are mostly banks of monitors attached to masses of networked computers. (image credit: Wikipedia)
NASA sure knows how to build an awesome looking control room. (image credit: NASA/Glenn Research Center)
This photo shows control room of the first nuclear-powered merchant ship the NS Savannah. (image credit: Wikipedia)
Here's a view inside one of the control rooms of the thermal power plants in Crimea. Essential dials and monitoring equipment that keeps everything working. (image credit: crimea)
Managing a nuclear power plant is obviously serious business and one that requires a lot of buttons and safety switches. (image credit: Martin Shahbazyan / TASS photo chronicle)
Here's a shot of the control room at CERN - the European Organisation for Nuclear Research that's responsible for the Large Hadron Collider. Important stuff. (image credit: CERN)
Another Russian power plant control room. This time managing vital systems for the turbine powered plant. (image credit: forca)
Snapped in 1940, this photo shows the control room of the waterworks in Washington D.C. (image credit: Rosskam, Edwin)
This shot shows the Kennedy Space Center during the 1960s. And so this photo might have been taken during the most important era of space travel. (image credit: NASA)
Chernobyl is one of the most well-known power plants of all time. Not for good reasons. (image credit: Wikipedia)
This is an active control room for the International Space Station and has been historically important for many of the ISS missions. (image credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky)
The Hydroelectric power plant at Itaipu dam is controlled by both Brazil and Paraguay. We like this one because of how clean and open it is.  (image credit: Herr stahlhoefer)
The European Space Agency's Control Room supports Europe's missions into space. Handling the operation of over 20 satellites and important space missions.  (image credit: ESA/ESOC)