(Pocket-lint) - Usain Bolt has officially launched an e-scooter and micro electric car from the mobility rental company that he's involved with as co-founder and backer, looking to take on the likes of Lime and other rental services.

Bolt told a packed auditorium at the VivaTech show in Paris, France, that as he travelled the world he'd encountered so much traffic - and that he believed that the solution would be something cool that solved the practical problems currently encountered. 

The scooters being backed by Usain Bolt - Bolt Original, Bolt One and Bolt Chariot - are designed to be recyclable and are fully custom built, designed for endurance, as well as being practical. The Chariot and the One - currently in prototype stage - also have a swappable battery, so rather than collecting scooters to take them for recharging, you can take the batteries to them.


One of the things Bolt was keen to highlight was the size and stability of the platform on the new e-scooter, saying it is "very wonderful for high heels, trust me it just works." Rather than having a central board you need to stand sideways on, the Bolt scooters have footplates, so you face forward, designed to be more stable.

The One and Chariot models will also have cup holders, meaning that you don't have to ride one-handed with a coffee waiting to spill all over you, while those who download the Bolt scooter app will be able to get a free helmet - as safety is paramount. The Chariot also has a space you could place your bag between your feet, thanks to some keen design, looking a little like the wings of a swan.

"It's like something out of a super hero book," said Usain Bolt.

But there's one more thing from Bolt Mobility and that's the B Nano, the first micro electric car with a swappable battery. Yes, Usain Bolt has also announced an electric car, with the aim being that for short journeys - 0-2 miles - you take the B Chariot and for 2-15 miles you take the B Nano. 


The Nano's key feature is that it has a swappable battery, meaning it can just be replaced rather than the micro car being taken out of action when the battery runs down. 

The Nano is designed to seat two people, one behind the other, and with a really small footprint you'll be able to fit four Nanos into a conventional parking space. There was no demo of the Nano - neither was it available to see at the show - and we suspect it was just a model on stage rather than a working car.

The Nano will be available to buy for $9,999, with a $999 deposit being asked to reserve your model today. Deliveries are penciled in for "late 2020". The Nano will also be part of the Bolt rental platform, meaning you can offer your car up to the service to earn some money back. The exact rates haven't been declared.

The roll-out of Bolt's scooter rental service will start from May 2019 in Paris and beyond - regional legislation permitting.

When asked what his vision of the future was, Bolt responded in characteristic style "no traffic". You can find out more by downloading the Bolt app for Android or iPhone.

Writing by Chris Hall.