Wonderful tech concepts and inventions that were well before their time

Over the years, gadgets, gizmos and everyday items have been created or dreamt up at a point in time where they wouldn't be easily consumed by the public. (image credit: Life Magazine/Wikipedia)
The mechanical knight dates back to 1495 and is described as a humanoid automaton that was able to stand, sit, raise its visor and move its arms too. (image credit: Erik Möller)
The AT&T Picturephone appeared in the early 1960s and allowed people to make video calls from dedicated booths. (image credit: AT&T)
This was a personal transport system originally developed in 1915. It boasted a 155cc air-cooled engine and a top speed of 20 mph. (image credit: Wikipedia)
Sony's Glasstron was a head-mounted display with dual LCD screens and earphones. that launched in the 1990s. Way ahead of its time. (image credit: Vincent van Scherpenseel)
From the 1960s comes the Aérotrain, an experimental Tracked Air Cushion Vehicle. Essentially a hovertrain. However, it failed to take off. (image credit: Pinterest)
Before computers designers were still managing to come up with weird and wonderful seating arrangements for workers.  (image credit: Reddit)
In 2008 this concept was unveiled. A quirky aerodynamic motorbike design with the driver laying down and essentially holding onto the front wheel. Yikes. (image credit: topspeed)
In 1963, avid inventor Hugo Gernsback was photographed by Life Magazine showing off his "teleyeglasses" - a precursor to modern head-mounted displays.  (image credit: Life Magazine)
There is some dispute over who invented and produced the first electric car, but we do know that some started appearing as early as 1859. (image credit: Wikipedia)
In the 1990s Sega launched an online games service known as Sega Channel. It was essentially an early attempt to stream digital content to the Sega Mega Drive.  (image credit: Sega)
The Power Glove may well have been the predecessor to modern motion controllers and the forefather of the Wii mote. It was way before its time though. (image credit: Wikipedia)
A grandfather of the first computer may well be this machine - the Difference Engine - a device first developed by Charles Babbage in 1822. (image credit: Wikipedia)
Ok, so this one might not be as clever or forward-thinking as some of the other inventions on our list, but there's no denying its greatness. (image credit: edtimes)
In 2015, luxury carmaker Lexus revealed that it was working on a concept of a hoverboard. Yet we're still not floating on air. (image credit: Lexus)
What you're looking at is the world’s first amphibious bicycle. (image credit: Nationaal Archief)
When monowheel motorbikes first appeared in the 1860s, it was thought that they could become a genuine form of transport. (image credit: Nationaal Archief)