Fashion brand Louis Vuitton showcased a couple of bag prototypes during the Cruise 2020 show in New York, featuring OLED displays.

The bags come in the form of a duffle bag and a bucket bag and both feature Vuitton's signature brown and cream emblems combined with patent black leather panels and OLED screens.

In the Louis Vuitton teaser video, the OLED displays present moving city screens and scrolling web pages, though we expect the screens would offer multiple uses in reality, such as presenting Instagram feeds, for example.

As you would expect from an OLED panel, the displays shown in the video seemingly offer rich and vibrant colours, standing out from the traditional brown and cream blend delivered by the bags.

Louis Vuitton

According to an Instagram user, @dlouisvdotcom, the bucket bag prototype features OLED displays on the front and back of the bag, and it's said to be a touchscreen.  

No further information on when or if the bag prototypes will make it into production, or what other features the OLED displays will offer.

We also have no indication on price, but we certainly don't except the bags to be cheap. After all, Louis Vuitton's Tambour Horizon smartwatch is one of the most expensive in the market, starting at £2125, with the more expensive models sitting at £3865 so a Louis Vuitton OLED bag will certainly be on the pricey side.