Best black hole memes: Is it the Eye of Sauron? A donut? Your cat's eye?

"Feeling cute might delete all information that passes through my event horizon later" (image credit: @ryanbeckwith)
XKCD comic creator shows us how awesome the Black Hole is with a quick comparison to our own solar system.  (image credit: @xkcdComic)
"The photo of the black hole is blurry, but if you zoom and enhance then you can see its full destructive power" (image credit: @dohertymark)
Nibel says "That's not a black hole" (image credit: @Nibellion)
Bobby Carlton Tweeted "So far this has been my favorite #blackhole meme." (image credit: @bcarlton727)
Like a comparison with famous album covers, this one shows how the Black Hole image stands up against Soundgarden's Superunknown album artwork from 1994. (image credit: @alesqui)
This one really takes us back to the good ol' days.  (image credit: @Cormsbadger)
Earl of Frunkpuppy, a Neuropsychologist from Ohio Tweeted "#frunkpuppy Norman doesn’t look too bad with black hole eyes #BlackHoles #space" (image credit: @28delayslater)
"Homer Simpson Has Discovered the Black Hole, Apparently" (image credit: @garcky3)
"When the real black hole image looks just like the simulations." (image credit: @PrequelMemesBot)
"This was the plan all along." (image credit: @Psythor)
Some saw the Black Hole image and for some reason immediately started thinking about food.  Matt Buechele Tweeted this image with the caption "Wait...zoom out" (image credit: @mattbooshell)
A vision of the future of space photography? "I am sure the spatial resolution of the #blackhole images will get better in future." (image credit: @FakharKhalid)
"My face when I saw the black hole" We were fairly shocked too.  (image credit: @jjaron)
Much self-deprecating hilarity from Adam Wren with this one: "Me on Instagram vs. me in real life." (image credit: @adamwren)
"The internet is busy transforming the first picture of a black hole into jokes and memes. This one is the best I’ve seen so far." (image credit: @mathbernier)
No one is ever happy. The customer is always right though. (image credit: @palacetinebaba)
"Your profile photo vs your tagged photo #blackhole" (image credit: @Deeoderant)
We have to admit, the Black Hole certainly looks a lot nicer with a dash of glaze.  (image credit: @KevMetzger)
Huawei's P30 Pro wowed people with its camera when it launched, this meme poked great fun at both events. (image credit: @VenyaGeskin1)
The secrets of the Universe are basically a giant cat.  (image credit: @veeallie1)
Another classic doughnut meme. Paul Scott Canavan Tweeted he used Photoshop's shake reduction filter and this was the result. (image credit: @abigbat)
"#EHTBlackHole that's no black hole, they found Sauron. Middle Earth here we come" (image credit: @NoleMan22)
A perfect tribute to just how many memes there were for the Black Hole photo. (image credit: @Blackprojects)