(Pocket-lint) - Gocycle has been making electric bikes for 10 years, so it's fitting that the new folding model is launched as the Gocycle GX.

Wasn't Gocycle already a folding bike? It was and it wasn't. From the original Gocycle G1 to the current top-of-the-line Gocycle G3, it has always been possible to quickly pop off the wheels and make your Gocycle more compact. 

But the Gocycle GX takes things to a new level, introducing a folding mechanism to make the frame much more compact. A central latch system basically allows you to fold the bike in half, before dropping the handlebars and saddle to make a compact unit, something you can easily wheel along.

Gocycle says that this takes about 10 seconds and having seen a prototype of the new Gocycle GX, that seems to be true.


Is it as compact as the Brompton Electric? Not quite. Brompton Electric (from £2,595) has really refined that folding bike action, but the difference here is that the GoCycle has an internal battery and it has the Cleandrive system, so there's no chain to snag or get you oily. On the Brompton the battery is separate, so it's another piece to carry, unlike the Gocycle GX.

As a result, the new GoCycle GX is sort of bike that you can now fold and roll under your desk at work for example, or easily fit in the cupboard under the stairs at home, providing more appeal for those tight on space. 

The GoCycle GX retains many of the features of the other models in the range. As we mentioned, it has the Cleandrive and the same wheels, it's compatible with GoCycle accessories, such as the front-mounted pannier and it will work with the companion app on your phone so you can monitor speed, range and power.


The GoCycle is an assisted drive system so you have to pedal to make it work. It has a geared system that's manual on the GX, letting you change the resistance as you cycle and it uses hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. 

The range that the battery will give you depends on how hard you use it and the app will allow you to change how the battery power is deployed so you can change the assistance to suit your riding style. The aim is to take the pain out of commutes, so you can arrive by bike fresh rather than sweating heavily and you don't have to worry about hills, because the bike can take the load. The drive system will take you up to about 20mph and give you a range of about 40 miles - but that all depends on pedal input. 

With cycle commuting increasing in cities like London, and with increasing provision of cycle routes around the city, the GoCycle GX is a sophisticated electric bike, offering futuristic design and connectivity, but now with the added convenience of folding.

The GoCycle GX is available to pre-order now, deliveries expected from April 2019; it will be available for £2,899.

Writing by Chris Hall.