Apple's greatest hits: The best-ever Apple gear

You can still see echoes of the G4 in today’s MacBooks and MacBook Pros. (image credit: Apple)
The iPhone was never supposed to have apps: you were expected to just bookmark web apps instead. But Apple quickly changed its mind. (image credit: Apple)
The first mass-produced Apple computer was released four years before the IBM PC and it was a huge hit. (image credit: Apple)
The first iBooks took the candy designs of the iMac to produce what we think are the most fun laptops ever designed. (image credit: FlickreviewR from Flickr / Wikipedia Commons)
iTunes began as a music management app and an easy way to rip music from CD to put it on your iPod, something record companies were furious about at the time. (image credit: Apple)
What made the iPod special was the way it worked, the way it felt, and the way it integrated with iTunes to make music purchasing effortless. (image credit: Apple)
We’ve had hardware. We’ve had software. We’ve had services. But Apple’s greatest hits also include its shops. (image credit: Butz.2013 from Flickr / Wikipedia Commons)
nstead of trying to cram an entire PC into a tablet, which was Microsoft’s approach, Apple stuck with the same mobile OS as the iPhone. (image credit: Apple)
This is the computer that saved Apple, which was in the doldrums in the 1990s. Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive’s extraordinary iMac looked like nothing on Earth. (image credit: Masashige MOTOE from Wikipedia Commons)
We tend to focus on Apple’s hardware products at the expense of its software, but Mac OS X (as it was called then; today it’s macOS X) was revolutionary. (image credit: Apple)
This isn’t just Apple’s greatest hit. It’s the most successful consumer product of all time. (image credit: Apple)
The MacBook Air was the first tiny Apple laptop since the 12-inch PowerBook G4, and it was a triumph of engineering. (image credit: Apple)
The Mac was a triumph. The first mass-market computer with a graphical user interface and mouse, and it was specifically designed to be used by normal people. (image credit: Grm wnr from Wikipedia Commons)