Skincare company Neutrogena is to use the iPhone and an attachable 3D face scanner to help people created a personalised skin mask to help with their cleansing routine.

The new approach, called Neutrogena MaskiD, will allow people to order face masks from their home that are specific to their needs rather than simply using a one sizes fits all offering off the shelf.

Planned to be available in the US from September 2019, users will use a dedicated app and the accessory to scan their face before the app walks them through what their skin needs.


"Using a smartphone 3D camera, the user simply snaps a selfie to create a precise, multi-dimensional map of her face and the exact measurements and shape of her nose, space between the eyes, lips, and other unique physical characteristics," a spokeswomen for the company tell Pocket-lint.

Revealed at CES, we got to check out the new app before seeing the results for ourselves although couldn’t go as far as trying out an actual final version of the printed mask.

Once the app maps your face, it then creates a dedicated mask that fits perfectly.

"The new Neutrogena MaskiD forms a translucent, flexible layer that conforms to every contour of the face" explains Neutrogena.

The hydrogel mask is created from cellulose sourced from locust beans and red seaweed and is custom-3D-printed with a unique combination of five powerhouse ingredients.


It’s not just about fitting your face though. Users will be able to customise what ingredients they need and have different zones such as forehead, eye orbital, nose, cheeks, chin and nasolabial folds customised to different requirements be that hydration, wrinkles, dullness, dark spots, or blemishes for example.

Ingredients include purified hyaluronic acid that helps improve skin's moisture barrier, Vitamin B3 that helps boost skin's ability to improve its appearance of discoloration, dull skin and helps to diffuse the look of dark spots, Feverfew that delivers high antioxidant benefits to help reduce the appearance of facial redness, Stabilized Glucosamine to exfoliate the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and Vitamin C that promises to deliver healthier and brighter looking skin and improved overall radiance of skin.

Once completed, Neutrogena will then post you the masks to be used at home. You’ll be able to buy the masks individually or in bulk.