It's already sold out until later in the year thanks to a successful Indigogo campaign, but Gillette's latest innovation in men's razors isn't simply adding more blades, but adding a heating element to give you the feeling of a hot towel shave.

The new razor, which will cost $160 when it goes on sale in the run up to Christmas 2019, will feature a small heating element that heats your skin as you shave.

Able to heat up in less than a second the new Heated Razor has been in development for over 2 years.

Coming out of the company's GilletteLabs, the completely waterproof razor will feature wireless magnetic charging similar to most electric toothbrushes and will have an adjustable temperature levels so it doesn't get too hot for your liking.

In the hand and it feels nicely weighted although we weren't able to have a shave ourselves at CES where the gadget is on show to members of the press.

For those really looking for that "powered-on" feeling, when on there is a red glowing light on the handle that makes you instantly feel that there is much more to the shave than a wholesome orange Bic razor.

A spokeswomen wasn't able to confirm if and when the razor will be on sale in the UK.

We will keep you posted.