Awful uses of tech that'll make you cringe

Some gadgets are useful, some are weird and unnecessary. People also put common gadgets to odd uses as well. (image credit: Hushme)
Multi-functional toilets are nothing new, but this one has Bluetooth. Why? (image credit: Kohler)
This is essentially a subwoofer built into a watch that uses a “psychoacoustic phenomenon” to make you feel like you're at a gig. Hmmm. (image credit:
Modius is a headband that promises to suppress cravings and decrease appetite by stimulating your brain with vibrations. Seems legit. (image credit: Modius)
This is a smart fork that's designed to help monitor how fast you're eating and help you lose weight. Weird or wonderful? (image credit:
Have you ever wondered how many calories you’re burning during intercourse? Now you can find out. (image credit: iCon)
We’ve tried, we really have, but we just can't take these things seriously. (image credit: Colorway)
Facebook ads and online shops are full of these bizarre t-shirts with poorly inserted , automatically generated slogans. Weird nonsense. (image credit:
You either love these or loathe them. Gadgets that turn others gadgets into retro gadgets. Because why not? (image credit: QWERKYWRITER)
SMALT is a smart salt dispenser which the company claims is not only a "conversation starter" but also a "great way to entertain guests." Huh? (image credit: Smalt / Indiegogo)
We do like to see interesting uses of augmented reality tech and this one is curious. Apparently letting you see your tattoo designs in real time. (image credit: Inkhunter)
This gadget offers hands-free view of your phone while you busy yourself doing other things. You will look ridiculous though. (image credit: Sospendo)
This one lets you wave you expensive laptop in the air like enormous neon signs saying “I am rich and a great target for mugging!” (image credit: Moises (Art404), John Yuyi, Tom Galle,
Erm. What can we say about this one? A case for your tablet that you can dock a fleshlight in. We have no more words. (image credit: Fleshlight)
This is an intelligent hairbrush that not only has an app for monitoring your brushing but a built-in mic for listening to your hair. (image credit: L’oreal)
A sensor that lets parents know when a baby is peeing or pooping. We can't decide if this is fantastic or awful. (image credit: Dr. Umbrella)
This is a voice mask for phones that lets you have private conversations while also looking like a work-in-progress Stormtrooper. (image credit: Hushme)