Coffee shop Costa has devised its own device to help reduce waste and save you from having to dig around in your pockets for cash, cards or contactless-enabled smartphone, all in one.

Created in partnership with Barclaycard, the reusable Costa Clever Cup contains a contactless payment chip in the bottom, so you can buy your coffee refills by just tapping the cup on a contactless reader in any Costa outlet.

You top up the payment system using the bPay app on a smartphone and as long as you have credit you can pay for anything else in store. Indeed, it works like a bPay card, so you can pay in any shop that accepts contactless payments - although it's not exactly easy to pop in a pocket for general convenience.

Many people are adopting their own reusable plastic cups these days, in order to do their bit towards helping save the planet. Popping an NFC chip in the bottom is actually a logical step for those who want to just grab a quick and convenient coffee fix on their way to work in the morning.

The Costa Clever Cup costs £15 but using your own cup knocks 25p off the drink of your choice, so it will pay for itself in the long run.