Weird and wonderful life-changing technologies from around the world

We've been on the lookout for some of the most interesting gadgets and gizmos from around the world. (image credit: University of Cambridge)
In Germany there are experimental warning lights near the sides of roads to warn smartphone users who might otherwise cross obliviously into traffic. (image credit: Stadtwerke Augsburg)
This magnificent construction is a giant wooden machine that plays music using 2,000 marbles. Impressive. (image credit: wintergatan)
Here's a wearable airbag system that's designed to inflate when a fall is detected and save the wearer from broken bones. (image credit: Helite)
Seabin is a simple tech which functions like a drain, collecting rubbish as it washes over the rim of the bin. Thereby cleaning the ocean and waterways. (image credit: Seabin Project)
Touch-hear is a technology that reads words to you as you run your finger over them in a book. Ideall for the visually impaired and many others too. (image credit: designincubationcentre)
Mine Kafon is a landmine removal system that uses drones to remove dangerous mines without putting people into harm's way. Fantastic life saving tech. (image credit: minekafon)
This is a simple tie for the humble businessman that just so happens to double up as a portable umbrella. (image credit: NovoEd/Ripleys)
These are nifty glow-in-the-dark paths which absorb light during the day and then use the UV rays to emit a safe glow at night. (image credit: zaobao)
Jelly Drops are colourful drops made from 90 per cent water and include extra ingredients to help hydrate those in need. (image credit: JellyDropsHydration)
The Pouncer is an inexpensive drone that's designed to be able to reach remote disaster areas where roads are blocked or impassable. (image credit: Wind Horse)
These glasses have lenses that selectively remove particular wavelengths of light and help with colourblindness. (image credit: enchroma)
These are augmented reality glasses designed to help the visually impaired to see like never before.   (image credit: Oxsight)
An interesting way to deal with fire that uses heavy bass to put it out. Rather than water or fluid. Weird and wonderful. (image credit: George Mason University)
This technology replaces standard roadways with photovoltaic solar panels encased in textured glass. The result of which is safer roads and electricity too. (image credit: Steetmit)
Using a conducting coating scientists have been able to turn bricks into energy storing devices that could help power our homes in future. (image credit: D’Arcy laboratory/ Washington University in St. Louis)
Robot guide dogs won't need expensive training or the regular care that a normal dog would though they won't be as cuddly. (image credit: Anxing Xiao et al./University of California, Berkeley)
Here's a smart new flexible cloth which uses ions in sweat to generate energy and power smartwatches. (image credit: University of Glasgow)
Imagine a world where standard looking glass like this could generate significant amounts of electricity. This technology is already being worked on. (image credit: University of Michigan)
This is a simple yet ingenious pump that's designed to extract snake venom from bites. Awesomely simple life saving tech at its finest. (image credit: SawyerProducts)
This is a concept of an Ambulance Drone which would deliver a life-saving defibrillator system to heart attack victims. (image credit: Alec Momont)
Researchers at Sichuan University in China have been working on a fish-like robot which can absorb microplastics while it swims through water.  (image credit: Yuyan Wang, Gehong Su, Jin Li, Quanquan Guo, Yinggang Miao, and Xinxing Zhang)