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(Pocket-lint) - Atlas and SpotMini are ridiculously cool-looking and fun to watch. 

Boston Dynamics loves to release new videos of its robots doing creepy things, but it also tries to give us a good look at how far it has come with making its mechanical beasts look and move more natural. The latest example comes in the form of two clips posted two YouTube. One shows off Atlas, while the other one focuses on SpotMini. The takeaway from these: Boston Dynamics' bots have come a long way!

While neither of these videos show us something we haven't already seen, it is cool to see the evolution of Atlas, a humanoid robot, as it escapes the lab, flawlessly walks across the grass, and jumps over a log, as well as SpotMini, a dog-like creature, that can be seen running around an office and autonomously descending a staircase with the help of camera sensors and previously added mapping knowledge.

If you're into robotics, you'll appreciate the advancements that have happened in order for both of these projects to exist. For us at Pocket-lint, it certainly makes us wish Boston Dynamics would hurry up even more so that each of us could own our own robot at home or in the office.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.