(Pocket-lint) - littleBits, the company responsible for getting kids - and even adults - into technology, building and coding, has released four new starter kits that are based on inventions from its community members.

The four kits are the company's most affordable to date at $40 each, and as with other littleBits building kits, the electronic blocks can all be interchanged and used with each other, so the building potential is limited only by you or your child's imagination.

The four kits each ask the builder to use the pieces to create the image on the box, but once that's done, it can be dismantled and built into something else. littleBits provides instructions for this.


Kits include: 

  • The Crawly Creature kit, which gets kids to build a moving electronic pet, after which it can be made into a Moving Collage, an interactive poster that requires children to get resourceful by tearing out magazine cut outs to create a piece of art.
  • The Bubble Bot kit, which as the name suggests, is a robot that blows bubbles. Once kids have made this, they can build the Fan of Fortune, which takes the fan from the Bubble Bot and an arrow to answer any questions kids have.
  • The Night Light kit, which has kids building a night light in the form of an owl. It can then be turned into a Megablaster wrist cuff which blasts "imaginary powers wherever it's aimed".
  • The Arcade Game kit, which gets children to build a pinball machine. This can then be turned into a Catapult to fling various objects across the room. 

If you collect all four kits, the pieces included with each can be combined together to create one epic invention. 

All four kits are available now at littlebits.com

Writing by Max Langridge.