Queuing to get into a venue to see your favourite sports team or artist can be a right pain. Live Nation, the company behind Ticketmaster, wants to speed up that process by scanning your face instead of a ticket. 

The company has invested in Austin, Texas based facial recognition company Blink Identity, which claims to have technology that can scan an accurate image of your face, and associate it with a digital ticket, within half a second. 

The most notable advantage of Blink Identity's technology, is that it claims it can do all of this at regular walking speed, so you don't need to stop and have a camera scan your face before moving into the venue. You will still no doubt have to go through a searching process, but facial recognition sounds as though it has real potential to speed up the overall process.

Blink Identity's website states: "Our revolutionary identity in motion product identifies people as they walk past a sensor at full walking speed, enabling frictionless identification," Indeed, the company's facial recognition tech is already being used in the Middle East for the US Department of Defence, but Live Nation's plans would be the first commercial use.

Live Nation announced the partnership with Blink Identity when reporting its latest financial results, but hasn't yet said when it expects the technology to become a reality. As with other facial recognition technologies, there could still be the chance negative results and even false positives, where the system may mistake someone's face for somebody else's. There is also the lingering issue of privacy.

However, if these issues are ironed out, we see no reason why facial recognition cameras can't replace manual scanners. Minority Report really is upon us.