(Pocket-lint) - Integral Memory has announced what it claims to be the world's first 512GB microSD card.

It's a microSDXC V10, UHS-I U1 card, so is capable of transfer speeds up to 80MB/s, so well suited to a smartphone or tablet. However, as it is only U1 categorised, you'll have to look elsewhere for a card better matched to a 4K camcorder. Its write speed isn't stated, but is likely to be 25MB/s maximum.

That said, it's a great achievement to get such a massive amount of storage on a consumer card at this size. And it will work equally well in a compact camera, for example.

The V10 standard means it will shoot Full HD video very capably.

Integral includes a microSD to SD adapter with the latest card - as it does with other storage sizes. We don't yet know the price though.

We'd expect it to be pretty pricey, to be honest, with rival companies currently selling 400GB equivalents at £200 and over. That'll likely come down in time though, as these things often do.

The Integral Memory 512GB microSD card will be available from February. We might be able to catch it at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. We'll let you know what we think when we do.

Writing by Rik Henderson.