(Pocket-lint) - The SpyTrack Nano is one of the smallest and easy to use GPS trackers on the market weighing only 68 grams. Its small size makes it ideal where a portable solution is required. It offers 10 days battery life allowing you to track family members, employees or anyone you want to locate around the globe.

The device comes with three buttons for controlling the device and sending an SOS message in case of an emergency. It allows you to use its accompanying app to see where it is by accurately recording and storing the tracker’s activity and previous routes in the cloud for up to 180 days. 

The accompanying app -SpyTrack, offers loads of features including real-time tracking, instant notifications for events such as speeding, and the route feature that displays a route between you and the tracker. Spytrack makes difficult things simpler like figuring out how far a car has really traveled, or where people, perhaps, your employees, kids, or the grandparents, actually are.

It’s not just about seeing the activity the tracker has done though, but also about monitoring in real-time too. 

The Spytrack service, which can also be accessed on Spytrack tracking platform, allows you to locate any person, asset, or vehicle in real-time, regardless of where they are in the world and you can even set up Geo-fence zones, digital boundaries on the map. These zones allow you to set alerts that will automatically let you know when the SkyTrack Nano enters or leaves a designated area. 

Setting up a geo-fence takes only a few seconds and you can opt-in to get notified on your smartphone using the free SpyTrack mobile app so you know the instant something changes. 

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The app can also be used to push notifications for a number of different alerts based on whenever a predefined event occurs. You can be notified whenever the tracking device enters or leaves a zone, starts moving, or even when it passes the speed limit. All notifications are free and nearly instant. 

A great way to use Geo-fencing is to monitor the amount of time spent on a given job for example, or maybe to track a dog that’s prone to running away from home. 

The mobile app also allows you to see a number of different map views making it easier to assess where the SpyTrack Nano really is, is included free of charge with a SpyTrack Service subscription. SpyTrack app works on iOS and Android-based devices. 

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The device comes with a 10-day battery life thanks to the built-in 1300 mAh battery. The tracker can be concealed in clothing, purses and jacket pockets, or connected to a car’s power supply so it never runs out of battery. Alternatively, Rewire Security offers a waterproof magnetic case for the Spytrack, that allows attaching the tracker to a metal surface such as a vehicle or a container.

It’s not just about concealing the device though. SpyTrack Nano also comes equipped with a panic button that your child, for example, can press in an emergency to alert you that something is wrong. The SkyTrack Nano will then send you or a predefined mobile phone number a message instantly, letting you know something is wrong along with the real-time location of the tracker.

The SpyTrack Nano service can be used in over 150 countries without any extra fees and doesn’t come with any lengthy service contracts or extra roaming fees. Spytrack Nano does not require any technical knowledge to use the device, it comes ready to use out of the box. 

Find out more information at https://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/spytrack/