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(Pocket-lint) - With the ever-increasing popularity of Amazon's Echo devices, we've seen various manufacturers integrate the AI-powered voice assistant into a number of different devices and formats.

Several car companies including BMWSeat and Mercedes have previously announced new models of vehicles coming with Alexa built right into the design.

With the ability to control the in-car navigation and infotainment systems with your voice as standard on new models, smart technology is quickly making its way into our cars in interesting and useful ways. Some brands are even including the ability to remotely lock and start your vehicle with Alexa's help. 

For older models though, there often isn't an easy way to get that assistant power without splashing out on expensive upgrades. To fill this gap, Anker has revealed the ROAV VIVA, a plug-and-play Bluetooth device that brings Alexa into any modern car with ease. As long as your current audio system supports Bluetooth you can use this new device to take Alexa on the road with you. 

The ROAV VIVA is primarily a plug-and-play smart charger using Anker's PowerIQ charging technology to provide super-fast charging for Android and iPhone devices. It will use your phone for most of the smart functionality but with two built-in microphones and a mic mute button, it will do most of the legwork when it comes to interacting with Alexa. 

It also includes a classicly styled multi-colour LED light ring to let you know when Alexa is processing your request or highlight when you have an incoming call. 

The ROAV VIVA promises to deliver a "seamless" smart car experience straight out of the box by simply connecting to your audio system via Bluetooth then offering all the voice control you'd expect from Alexa elsewhere. Whether that's connecting to music streaming services like Amazon Music or TuneIn radio, catching up on news or asking for driving directions from Google Maps or Waze. 

A combination of advanced voice isolation and noise-cancelling technologies promises to make the voice commanding experience pain-free on even the noisiest of car rides. 

Revealing the ROAV VIVA at this year's CES, Anker Innovations CEO, Steven Yang said that the device would remove "...both the pricing and technical barriers for consumers who want to make their driving experiences both safer and smarter." 

This new device is available to pre-order for $49.99 from Amazon with global availability to follow shortly. At this price it certainly does offer an affordable way to get Alexa into your vehicle. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 8 January 2018.