(Pocket-lint) - Advancements in medical technology in the home are giving us greater access and control over how and where we are able to monitor our health.

Whether it's fitness trackers, connected scales, digital thermometers, or basic heart rate monitors, there's never been an easier time to track and monitor our health on the go. 

But what if you need to go further than just keeping an eye on how many steps you've done today? What about monitoring your blood pressure for example?

There are plenty of reasons you might want to start measuring your blood pressure at home. It can be useful in diagnosing, preventing, and managing high blood pressure. By recording your blood pressure regularly, you can help build up an accurate picture of your health to either monitor yourself or share with your doctor.


The Omron EVOLV blood pressure monitor

The Omron EVOLV allows you to monitor your blood pressure wherever you are and then capture the measurements on your iPhone or Android device to record, monitor, and share with your doctor.

The latest in a long line of blood pressure monitors from Japanese health-tech company Omron, EVOLV has been designed to make taking your blood pressure fast, silent, accurate, and more importantly, effortless.


How does the EVOLV work?

With only two buttons (start/stop and connect), users, just as we found in the Pocket-lint office, can measure their blood pressure incredibly quickly.

The easy to use device requires you to simply wrap the monitor around your arm and press a button. Once key pressure data is captured it displays it on the device's clear HD black and white OLED screen as well as instantly sharing it with the accompanying Android or iPhone app on your phone.

Omron has been able to make it so simple because of its Intelli Wrap Cuff technology that ensures 360-degree accuracy that generates clinically-accurate readings in any position around your upper arm.

Once wrapped in place, it's easy enough to do it one handed, the company's Intellisense Technology quietly inflates the cuff automatically to what is ideal for your body. The device can also detect body movement during measurement to assure the accuracy of your readings and will also go as far as warning you if an irregular heartbeat has been detected.

The one-piece device comes with no tabletop unit, no tubes, no wires, and no manual pumping. It can take measurements in seconds rather than minutes allowing it to be easily used in the office, on a train, plane, at home, pretty much anywhere, especially given the fact that it works through thin shirts so you don't have to get undressed.


Blood pressure data, what next?

EVOLV's internal memory can store up to 100 readings, but you can easily share the readings via Bluetooth to the accompanying app on your Android smartphone or iPhone for you to track and monitor over time.

The Omron connect app wirelessly syncs readings with your smartphone at the end of each reading without you having to do anything and you can view, manage, and store an unlimited number of readings to track your progress "quantified self"-style.

That's perfect if you are collecting data for your doctor over a period of time in-between appointments for example.

You can even share your results by email, Message or WhatsApp, or sync them automatically to any other compatible app, including Apple Health, perhaps saving you from a visit to the doctor altogether.

You can visit www.omron-healthcare.com/en-gb/evolv for more info. Omron EVOLV is available now in the UK in Boots, JBC, Amazon (UK), Argos, and White Medicals.