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(Pocket-lint) - Music streaming services are nothing new anymore, there are plenty of options on the market, each with their own unique features to try and grab your attention. But at the end of the day, all they can really do is give you music to listen to. ROXI wants to change that, by combining a fully-fledged music streaming service with a series of music-based games, a complete karaoke system and more. 

But what exactly can it do, how much does it cost and how do you use it? Read on to find out more.

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What is ROXI?

ROXI is the latest product from Electric Jukebox, which launched as a music streaming service you use through your TV in 2016. ROXI is an evolution of Electric Jukebox, as it still includes the music streaming service feature, but adds four other features that turn it into a family entertainment device ideal for parties and game nights.

Along with access to millions of songs ad-free (provided you have a subscription) ROXI lets you sing karaoke, play music quizzes, listen to world radio and play soothing sounds for yoga, meditation or to help get to sleep.

The music streaming service side of ROXI, which gives you access to in excess of 30 million songs, is endorsed by celebrities including Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams, Stephen Fry and Alesha Dixon, each of whom has a curated playlist to listen to.

How do I setup ROXI?

ROXI comes with a TV hub and a wireless controller, along with a one-year Premium Music Pass. The TV Hub connects to your TV via HDMI and once it is, the wireless controller automatically syncs so it's ready to use. To further enhance the sound of music you listen to or when you're playing karaoke, you can connect ROXI to a soundbar, soundbase or another home theatre system via 3.5mm auxiliary.

The Hub is available in red, blue and charcoal colours and includes a colour-matching wireless controller. The wireless controller doubles up as a microphone for karaoke and can be used to carry out voice searches for music.

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How much does ROXI cost?

ROXI costs £199 for the Hub, wireless controller and a one-year premium music pass. Once the first year is up, you can continue to use Roxi Music but with adverts, or pay £52 for a yearly subscription - making it much cheaper than rivals such as Spotify and Apple Music.

If you don't renew the subscription, you will still be able to play curated and celebrity playlists and use Family Protect (which cuts out explicit lyrics) and Photo Frame (which allows you to set Facebook photos or ROXI's visualisers to music). In order to be able to play music quizzes, listen to world radio and sing karaoke, you will need the Music Pass subscription.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 29 November 2017.