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(Pocket-lint) - Whether you're a whizz in the kitchen or an utter cooking novice, there are plenty of gadgets and gizmos out there to help you prepare a wonderful bite to eat or make life easier in the kitchen. From cool and quirky food storage to handy preparation tools, there's something for everyone. 

If you're a little bit nerdy, a tad lazy or just want some help making your kitchen look awesome, then keep on scrolling as we've hunted down the very best in nerdy kitchen delights that we're sure you'll love. 

Meater geeky kitchen gadgets photo 46

Meater Plus smart meat thermometer

Keeping track of your food's temp when cooking can make all the difference. External thermometers are all very well and good, but if you can get an internal reading that can be the difference between good photo and a perfect meal. 


The Meater Plus smart meat thermometer can be used in the oven or BBQ and gives you real-time temps, timers and guidance on your cooking directly on your smartphone. 

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Rapid drinks cooler


If you've ever got home from work to find that, shock horror, your beers weren't in the fridge, then we've got good news.

The Rapid drinks cooler is a smart little cooling device that's capable of cooling a drinks can down from room temperature to either 6°C (42.8°F) or -2°C (28.4°F) in around six minutes.

All you need is ice, three AA batteries and a little patience. This bad boy is portable too, so you can take it with you to your neighbour's barbecue or to the campsite.  

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Ben & Jerry's ice cream is so delicious that the merchandising team struck upon the idea of creating this lock for the company's ice cream tubs.  

Katie O’Brien, from Ben & Jerry's merchandising team, said that the idea actually came from one of their customers who said that the ice cream should be sold in stainless steel tubs with locks on them to prevent pudding theft. 

This gadget features a three-digit combination lock, but is probably more of an amusing deterrent than an actual security device as a determined thief could easily just cut to cardboard tub open if they were that desperate. 

Fancy.com Geeky kitchen gadgets image 23

I could eat a T-REX


Measuring out pasta is a tough game. Too much and you're likely to waste some, too little and you'll go hungry.

This kitchen gadget is perfect as it allows you to measure out the right sizes for a man, woman or child and if you're as hungry as a dinosaur, that's an option too. Dinosaur geeks will love it, as will the family. 

Thinkgeek Geeky kitchen gadgets image 18

Zombie baking cups


Perfect for a creepy Halloween party or just for an unusual treat, these zombie baking cups are a great way to bake cakes with a twist.

The delicious innards will have you chomping down on zombie brains and getting your revenge on the undead. Clever cooks will no doubt want to include a gooey centre for some really delicious treats.

Bear Paw Products/Amazon Geeky kitchen gadgets image 4

Bear Paws pulled pork shredder claws


If you're a meat-lover, then you're no doubt a fan of the wonder that is pulled pork. Making this dish is messy and awkward though, but it doesn't need to be.

This simple little gadget not only makes you feel like a bear, but is the perfect implement for shredding meat without all the hassle, fuss and mess. Harness your inner Wolverine and let rip. Roaring is optional. 

Uncommon Goods Geeky kitchen gadgets image 15

Beer aroma booster


This gadget uses ultrasonic vibrations to rejuvenate your beer and revitalise its head to give you that freshly poured taste all the way through your pint right down to the last drop.

If you love a foamy head and a great taste then this beer booster is the perfect purchase. Alternatively, track down a Guinness Surger.

Uncommon Goods Geeky kitchen gadgets image 16

Cheese degrees cutting board


If one of your guests have ever wanted just a sliver of cheese or if you've ever had arguments over how to cut the Camembert for a perfect spilt then this cheese degrees cutting board might be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

There are guides for slices, slivers and cubes - ideal for cheese and pineapple on a stick, but we really love the option for a "slab" of cheese. 

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Pancake bot

The Pancakebot is quite possibly the height of geek kitchen nerdery. This pancake machine is essentially a 3D printer for food.

You can custom make your own pancake designs with the included software or download designs from other users on the web, import them onto the printer via SD card then print out your delicious breakfast. 

Uncommon Goods Geeky kitchen gadgets image 6

Uncommon Goods keyboard waffle iron


"Enjoy a breakfast that's Control-Alt-Delicious with this geek-chic waffle iron by Chris Dimino." If you love waffles, but always felt like they were a bit dull, then this might be the answer, after all, what's more delicious than a keyboard?

If you can hold back from thinking about how many germs there are on your average keyboard (making them dirtier than a toilet), then this might be a delicious breakfast treat. If nothing else, it's certainly geeky. 

Uncommon Goods Geeky kitchen gadgets image 13

Pi bowl

For the maths enthusiast or numbers nerd, the Pi Bowl is the perfect addition to the kitchen. It's a cracking fruit bowl, but we're not sure we couldn't resist the urge to fill it with actual pies.

The stainless steel design boasts a spiral of laser-cut pi numerals trimmed into the side, it's as magnificent as it is nerdy. 

Fancy.com Geeky kitchen gadgets image 8

The Robot nutcracker


All hail the robot overlords. This vintage-looking wind-up robot is designed for one simple task - to help you crack those pesky nuts.

This robot features a retro paint job and a simple design that we love. 

Uncommon Goods Geeky kitchen gadgets image 14

HTML beer glasses

For your favourite coder, these HTML-inspired beer glasses are bound to hit the spot.

We're not sure how we feel about a head that big, but they're certainly humorous glasses if you're even mildly nerdy. Geeks love beer too. 

Ototo Geeky kitchen gadgets image 11

Tipsy bottle stacker


The Tipsy bottle stacker is a design no doubt inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

The product comes in two parts that work in a similar way to bookends and gives the impression of a witch crushed by your booze. She'll keep the alcohol under control or at least stop it from rolling about in your fridge anyway. 

WineOvation/Amazon Geeky kitchen gadgets image 19

WineOvation powered wine opener gun


If you want to scare your dinner guests half to death, then this WineOvation powered wine opener gun is probably the perfect addition to your kitchen.

These cordless guns are capable of opening a bottle of plonk in seconds and carry enough charge to open 30 bottles of wine before they need recharging in their base. The only guns you'd ever be happy to see at a dinner party. 

Ototo Geeky kitchen gadgets image 10

Spaghetti Monster


They say presentation is everything and if you're having people over for dinner, what better way to serve up some spaghetti than in a bowl that looks like an alien's severed head? This quirky design is certainly nerdy. 

Uncommon Goods Geeky kitchen gadgets image 17

Mixology flask set


For the nerd who loved playing with chemistry sets as a child and now loves a good cocktail, comes the Mixology flask set. The perfect set of tools for experimenting with drinks mixing just don't get the flasks mixed up with actual lab flasks. 

Ototo Geeky kitchen gadgets image 12

Space masher


Set high expectations for a pile of mash that's out of this world with this rocket ship styled potato masher. We love this simple design with a fresh take on an otherwise boring kitchen implement. 

Fancy.com Geeky kitchen gadgets image 21

T-Rex bottle opener


The T-Rex might well have had short arms, but that didn't mean he was useless.

This crafty kitchen gadget has brilliant uses too. The mouth of this T-Rex is perfect for prying open bottles of any shape and size - just take care not to get nibbled in the process. Not only is the T-Rex bottle opener handy, it looks like a great ornament when it's not in use. 

Ototo Geeky kitchen gadgets image 5

Astro fruit and veggie keeper


How often have you found you just wanted to use half an onion or half a lemon but not had a suitable way to store it that wouldn't lead to it just drying out and being useless.

The answer to your troubles comes in the form of Astro - the alien-like fruit and vegetable storage vessel that will look perfectly at home in your fridge as he would in a spaceship. 

Amazon Geeky kitchen gadgets image 9

Tour De Pizza


If you're stuck for ideas on what to buy a biking enthusiast for Christmas then this pizza cutter might be the perfect solution. It's certainly less weird than buying them some more Lycra gear anyway.

Featuring a stainless steel cutting wheel and a display stand, it's bound to take pride of place on the worktop. They'll just have to go out for a ride to burn off the calories once they've used it. 

Fancy.com/TopBrew Geeky kitchen gadgets image 22

Remote controlled coffee tap

Smart products are extremely popular at the moment and for the uber-nerd and coffee lover, this remote controlled coffee tap might be a dream come true. Capable of brewing a filtered coffee in 15 seconds or an espresso in 25 seconds, it's a marvel of modern technology for your kitchen.

Not only is it smart enough to heat and foam your milk to the correct temperature on demand, it's also compatible with a range of Android and Apple devices, meaning you can even brew a fresh cup from your smartwatch.