If you've been itching to try a sous vide, now is the time to grab one, as some of the best models are now on sale on Amazon in the US.

Starting off with the Anova Sous Vide Cooker, it's a popular gadget you can use to cook. The model with Wi-Fi connectivity and Amazon Alexa voice control is $80 off on Amazon, bringing the price to $119 from $199. The less powerful, Bluetooth one is also on sale, for $109, down from $149, though keep in mind it doesn't come with Alexa support. So, for $10 more, you can get support for Wi-Fi and Alexa.

The Anova is one of the few sous vide devices that allow you to set and control your food times and temperature manually on the cooker, through an app, or by voice. You can use Alexa on the Echo to ask Anova to cook a steak, how long your food has been cooking, or to heat the water to 129 degrees. To use the Anova, all you have to do is put it in a water-filled pot and set the time and temperature.

ChefStepsAnova Sous Vide cooker with Alexa voice control is 80 off for Black Friday image 2

Of course, you'll also need to put your food in a ziplock bag, drop it into the water, and clip it to the side of the pot. Your food will be ready to eat out of the bag once it's done cooking. Like the Instant Pot, which is also on sale for Black Friday, sous vide devices have become must-have kitchen gadgets for true foodies. You can cook a range of recipes with them, and people swear by the results.

Anova is among the most-top rated makers of sous vide devices, but another one, ChefSteps, also has Black Friday deals on Amazon. You can get its white/stainless steel Joule 1100w model for $168.96, reduced from $199. It's also selling an all-white version of Joule 1100w for $149, rather than the usual $179. Like Anova, you can control Joule with your voice using the custom Joule Alexa skill.

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