Amazon Prime Day starts today there's an attractive offer for Kindle owners.

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service - also lovingly known as "the Spotify of books" - is currently available with three months free.

That means that if you own a Kindle you can enjoy unlimited access to over one million books through the Kindle Unlimited service. With summer holidays coming up, there's every chance you'll be reading for free.

When the three months is up, the service resumes at £7.99 a month, but since you can cancel at any time, it's a perfect to test out the service and get some free reading in. 

This deal is only for new Kindle Unlimited customers and you'll have to redeem the offer by the end of July 2018 to quality for the free period. If you don't own a Kindle, then now might be a great time to buy - there are deals on refurbished Kindles available and new Kindles, too