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(Pocket-lint) - There is a part of human disposition whereby we see shapes or familiar patterns in otherwise obscure or everyday objects. As a child, you probably saw animals in the clouds or monsters in the shadows.

As an adult, we less often seek out these shapes in unusual places, but we're still prone seeing faces in unusual places - a glance at an everyday object and you might see a face smiling back at you. Sometimes these comical faces stick with us and tickle us to the core. 

You'd be surprised just how many gadgets and gizmos feature these faces. Sometimes it seems like manufacturers are doing it on purpose to bring their products to life and give them character but it's usually just coincidence. 

We've picked out a selection of the very best faces spotted in tech and elsewhere for you to enjoy. 

EpicRageGuy/RedditFaces In Tech Places image 2

Suspicious vampire

Remember Stephen King's "Christine"? What if the car was a vampire instead? A suspicious, angry-looking vampire automobile. We'd certainly have a good chortle riding behind this car. 

Fergi/RedditFaces In Tech Places image 3

One happy bin

Despite living what we can assume is a pretty rough life, full of rubbish and bad smells, this bin remains one cheerful chappy. Beaming from ear to ear as he sits casually at the edge of this car park. 

@FacespicsFaces In Tech Places image 4

The surprised house

A house that's surprised and happy to see you. This must be a great home to come back to, like a happy puppy that's just glad to have you back. 

MarcoBeukes/RedditFaces In Tech Places image 5

Roberto the security bot

This one reminds us of Futurama's Roberto - the slightly stabby, certainly crazy criminal robot from the future. Here it seems that he's been decapitated and attached to a wall to act as a security camera instead.

sybmo/RedditFaces In Tech Places image 6

Disinterested letterbox

If you had letters, bills and junk mail stuffed into your face everyday then you'd probably feel like this too. Poor old letterbox, all worn out and downtrodden. 

TanksEncyclopedia/RedditFaces In Tech Places image 7

Tanks for the fun

This armoured fighting vehicle looks like it's having the best of times. The little men sticking out of the top look like googley eyes and really help finish off the hilarity. 

SenpaiKai/RedditFaces In Tech Places image 8

Unhappy bath taps

We tend to find baths relaxing and satisfying, but even sitting in a refreshing bath, the face on this tap might be enough to ruin the experience. We can't decide if it's unimpressed or disinterested or both. 

@FacespicsFaces In Tech Places image 9

Mr. T the tape measure

We pity the fool that doesn't enjoy this tape measure. Far less bling than the original Mr. T but at least you can take this one on an aeroplane. 

@FacespicsFaces In Tech Places image 10

This house isn't in the mood

This house meanwhile, just isn't in the mood to celebrate. Even decorated for 4th of July celebrations, it looks unamused at best. 

@FacespicsFaces In Tech Places image 11

Planes having a chortle

Talking of aeroplanes, how about these happy chappies spotted having a chortle on the runway. They're certainly having a good time. 

RedditFaces In Tech Places image 12

A pepper that's seen better days

Woah, this pepper sure looks a little under the weather. We hope he tastes better than he looks. 

RedditFaces In Tech Places image 13

The miserable handbag

Ladies do like to carry around a lot of stuff in their handbag. This bag has seen some things that really took a toll. 

RedditFaces In Tech Places image 14

The yawning chair

We're not sure if this chair is yawning or cracking up. Still got some character though, the cheeky chap that he is. 

@FacespicsFaces In Tech Places image 15

A box that's disappointed in you

Dumped in a puddle and left to rot, this poor little cardboard box is full of disappointed vibes. 

@FacespicsFaces In Tech Places image 16

The scary celeriac

Even vegetarians might baulk at this tasty morsel. More like a rotting skull than a tasty morsel, this fridge dweller is chilling in more way than one. 

RedditFaces In Tech Places image 17


We see your double yolkers and raise you an egg man throwing his hands in the air like he just doesn't care. With a little white potruding from his head he looks almost like a Teletubby too. 

@FacespicsFaces In Tech Places image 18

Shocked bag

Another shocked handbag just hanging around watching you. Surprised plug sockets are taking a good gawp too. 

PinterestFaces In Tech Places image 39

Happy junction box

While a lot of the other pieces of tech and gadgets on this list are feeling a bit down this junction box seems pretty happy with current affairs. (See what we did there?)

Amberlynn585/RedditFaces In Tech Places image 50

Seal potato

We're finishing this list off with this little guy. Come on. He's hilarious and cute. What's not to like.

Imgurfaces in tech places image 19

Happiness in heating

This thermostat loves heating the house as much as your Dad hates you turning it up. The incredible beaming smile warms our soul and would bring us happiness even before the boiler kicked in.

sharenatorfaces in tech places image 20

Shocked sunglasses holder

This poor storage box is shocked by the things you keep trying to put inside it. Shocked and dismayed with your constant need to stow away items while you drive. Disappointed at the state of your car and your cleanliness.

Redditfaces in tech places image 21

You call that driving?

We've heard of backseat drivers, but this cars light setup seems to have an opinion on your driving and it's not good. You're driving too close! Calm down with that brake pedal. So judgy!

PixelPodfaces in tech places image 22

He's hardly buzzing

A simple intercom system. Press a button and speak to the homeowner or drop them a note through the slot. This guy is surprised with what you have to say and quite frankly he's hardly buzzing about it either.

Redditfaces in tech places image 23

Speed demon

Speed is thrilling. Cars have been bringing joy to mankind since they were invented all those decades ago. It's only fair that they too have a little fun and enjoyment along the way. This little motor looks like he's having a fantastic time of it.

Pinterestfaces in tech places image 24

Coffee is confusing

Coffee is confusing. There are so many different types, flavours and styles. It's no wonder this little coffee machine looks so confused all the time. We'd take pity on it if we didn't need our daily caffeine fix.

Twitterfaces in tech places image 25

Two brothers, happily measuring together

A simple pair of temperature gauges sit happily displaying their measurements for all to see. They're happy to be together and we're happy to see them.

Buzzlyfaces in tech places image 26

Happiness from eliminating creases

Ironing is dull. We're sure we can all agree on that matter at least. Though if you had this iron, you'd surely crack a little smile every time you tackled the laundry pile. Getting the creases out of shirts has never been so pleasing.

Redditfaces in tech places image 27

The motivated mower

This cheerful lawn mower is pleased to be of assistance. He's happy to trim that grass. He's pleased to be of service. He's happy to be of some use for a change, rather than just being cooped up in that dark shed at the bottom of your garden.

Redditfaces in tech places image 28

No happier feeling than clean underwear

Doing the laundry is hardly the most thrilling of household chores but this washing machine seems ecstatically pleased to help get it done. He does seem a little on the smug side though and we're not sure how we feel about a smug washing machine.

Pinterestfaces in tech places image 29

Happy heating in the home

In the cold of winter, a gentle warming from an electric heater is just what anyone needs to bring them comfort and happiness. This little heater seems just as happy to provide that warmth as you would be to receive it.

Redditfaces in tech places image 30

Children's toys with a life of their own

An innocuous little toy aeroplane has apparently seen some terrible sights or at least has been roughly treated at the hands of his owners. Please, won't you release him from his misery?

Redditfaces in tech places image 31

I am Groot

This little wiring box bears a passing resemblance to Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. A cheerful chap with a simple life. We love him nearly as much as we loved the film.

Redditfaces in tech places image 32

Looks like you missed a bit

This beard trimmer isn't too sure about your new look. Maybe you need to take a little more off the edges or just admit a clean-shaven look is more your style.

Redditfaces in tech places image 33

A surprisingly modern lamp

This lamp is surprised to be lighting the room or perhaps he's surprised to be attached to the wall. We're not sure. Smart design though, we like it. Reach out and touch the gaping wormhole-like mouth at your own peril though.

Redditfaces in tech places image 34

He's eying up your money

This dispenser is eying up your cold hard cash but is happy to dispense his goods to make your life easier. We're not sure we trust him though, he looks a bit shifty.

John Caswell designfaces in tech places image 35

Mr Switch

This light switch is designed purposely to look like a face, so it's cheating the system a little to add it to this list but we love it too much not to. Finding happiness in the little things in life - like turning the lights on and off, is something special.

Imgurfaces in tech places image 36

The lights are on but is anyone home?

This light is ecstatic to just have a chance to illuminate your way as you wander down the streets at night. He's so pleased with a simple job.

Redditfaces in tech places image 37

Hey buddy, got your parking ticket?

It's a simple existence, full of purpose and use to others, but just imagine how you'd feel if people kept stuffing your face with paper tickets all day long.

Pinterestfaces in tech places image 38

Voltage metering is shocking fun

Although it might be cheating slightly (as this is image technically upside down) we can't help but feel that this electrical measuring device is seriously enjoying his life. All those amps, volts and ohms are thoroughly thrilling; Electrifying even.

Pinterestfaces in tech places image 40

What's cooking?

This mixing machine looks like he'd be surprised no matter what you put inside him. Surprised and disappointed he'll never get a chance to taste the sweet mixes for himself.

Pinterestfaces in tech places image 41

He holds all the power

This little guy has the ability to suck in power and put out sound, but he's not too happy about it. Maybe it's the owner's choice of music that's a disappointment? We'll never know.

Redditfaces in tech places image 45

Nobody move, this is a stick-up

This CCTV camera has seen some things in his day and he's had enough. Now he's armed, dangerous and on the loose. We suggest you don't cross him or find yourself on Crimewatch.

Redditfaces in tech places image 42

Sanding is exhausting

This electric sander isn't especially happy about the role life gave him. Sure, there are the perks like all the fun of vibrating and the power he has over surfaces he touches, but is it a satisfying life? His face says probably not.

Redditfaces in tech places image 44

Big brother is disappointed in you

If someone was always watching, what would they think of what you did last summer? This camera has witnessed some terrible things that have left him stunned and confused.

Bored Pandafaces in tech places image 46

You're really twisting my dials

This little guy is getting immensely fed up with having his dials twisted. If he could talk, we're sure he'd have a thing or two to say about it and we're not sure you'd like what he had to say.

Bored Pandafaces in tech places image 47

The poorly washing machine

This washing machine is feeling a tad under the weather. We're not sure what the owner put in the last wash, but this poor washer looks like he's caught a stomach bug and is really having trouble keeping things down.

College-Humourfaces in tech places image 43

Must be fun on fly-bys

Going at supersonic speeds must be a blast. This jet certainly seems happy about it anyway. Imagine seeing this rear end passing you by as you're high in the sky. Odd thing for a combat aircraft to have a giant happy face on the back. Maybe it's purposely designed that way to calm hostile situations. After all, who'd want to be the one to shoot this cheerful chap down?

Imagine seeing this rear end passing you by as you're high in the sky. Odd thing for a combat aircraft to have a giant happy face on the back. Maybe it's purposely designed that way to calm hostile situations. After all, who'd want to be the one to shoot this cheerful chap down?

Gini Reed/Mercury Pressfaces in tech places image 49

A happy chappy aeroplane

This cheerful chappy is just happy to do what he was born to do. Get that propeller spinning and off up into the sky and he's happier than any of his land-locked brethren.

Redditfaces in tech places image 48

A surprised telephone

When the telephone was first invented and came into use, most people using them for the first time probably pulled a face not too dissimilar to this. Shock and surprise at an amazing technology we all take for granted now. Alternatively, you could argue that this telephone had heard something he really wished he hadn't.

Reddit/EllenfanteFaces In Tech Places photo 51

Happy or worried?

Two faces in places for the price of one with this one. Happy on one side, utterly panicked on the other. 

NASA/SpaceXFaces In Tech Places photo 52

Miserable capsule

Although astronauts may be excited about going into space, it seems like this capsule very much isn't. Poor thing. 

bluumateefaces in tech places photo 50

Geralt and his sword

The Witcher doesn't look best pleased with whatever he's facing, but his sword looks absolutely stoked about it. 

SucreTeaseFaces In Tech Places photo 54

Amused steering wheel

This steering wheel from a 1960 Imperial Le Baron looks like the car might have seen some things it can't forget.

SnooDoughnuts8764faces in tech places photo 51

Shoe face

These sorts of photos have been doing the round Reddit with users posting shoes that look like faces. These ones are especially amusing.

Cletus_Van-Dammefaces in tech places photo 52


Imagine being behind this car when it pulls an emergency stop. We'd imagine that's the face we'd be pulling too.

Writing by Adrian Willings.