Hilariously lazy people who are borderline genius

Use the cookie container to hold your drinks and you don't need to do any washing up. Genius. (image credit: The Things)
Does your child enjoy drawing and colouring but can't be trusted not to draw on walls. Pop them in a cardboard prison, problem solved. (image credit: The Things)
This one equally belongs in the "you had one job" category of internet memes. Instead of moving this clock, this person just painted the numbers on the problem. (image credit: Imgur)
Proof that making hands-free calls without getting a crick in the neck, even with a corded phone, doesn't have to be difficult. (image credit: Imgur)
You have to walk your dog. You have to clean up after them. You have to bring them food. It's only fair every now and then they return the favour. (image credit: SayWhat)
Children are great, but if yours will only nap when you take them out for a walk, then this woman might have the solution for you. (image credit: Bored Panda)
This genius might have a lazy, yet awesome parenting solution. Tie a string to the kid's swing, grab a beer and keep them entertained from afar. (image credit: Bored Panda)
This doorstop is still keeping the door open, so there aren't too many holes we can pick in this lazy person's logic. (image credit: Imgur)
This clever kid now has a perfect way to view his films with ease. (image credit: Imgur)
Keep a slice of pizza warm by laying it on your power brick. Not terribly hygienic, but a fairly simple system to keep your food warm.  (image credit: FS2017)