(Pocket-lint) - Mankind is always inventing new technologies to make our lives easier, more efficient or more effective. Sometimes though, there appears a rare breed of person who finds new innovative ways to use that gadgetry in a manner that would baffle or astound the average person. 

These lazy tech users are the pinnacle of a modern capitalist society and are, quite possibly, borderline genius or maybe just internet legends. Every day, lazy people across the world find new and incredible ways to use technology to enhance their lives. We've hunted down the very best to give you inspiration and the odd chortle. 

Every day, lazy people across the world find new and incredible ways to use technology to enhance their lives. We've hunted down the very best to give you inspiration and the odd chortle. 

Crave Online

The lawn isn't going to mow itself

They say two heads are better than one. In this case, two engines are better than walking. After all, why waste energy using your legs when you can simply get a friend to drive you about while you mow the lawn. 

Bored Panda

Masterfully lazy parenting

Looking after your kids is such a chore. They're so demanding "Dad, can we play?", "Dad, can I have a snack?, "Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad..." it's endless. But this genius might have the lazy, yet awesome solution. Tie a string to the kid's swing, grab a beer and keep them entertained from afar with your feet up. Nice and relaxed. 

Blaze Press

Walking the dog is hard work

Owning a dog is hard work. They might be man's best friend, but what a hassle it is to have to walk them on a daily basis. This lady has put a golf cart to superb use to ease the misery of the daily chores and give her legs a rest while she gives her pooch some walkies. 


Blender cleaning made easy

Cleaning your blender can be such a hassle. A simple, lazy life hack is to pop some water and a dash of dish soap into the blender and turn it on for a short while. We can see this going wrong if you use too much soap though. 

Say What

Let me Google that for you

Some people worry about robots and computers taking their jobs. Others embrace tech to make their lives that little bit easier. Let's face it, you'll probably get better results from Google anyway. 

The Chive

Technology is heavy and inconvenient

Tablets are great for watching hilarious prank videos on YouTube, but they're also heavy and inconvenient for long-term watching. A selfie stick, a long pole or some clever workmanship can put an end to that misery. 


Washing more than just dishes

It turns out the dishwasher isn't just for dishes. Well, it might not have specifically been designed to wash potatoes, but there's no reason you can put it to that use. Just avoid dish soap. 

Blaze Press

A private cinema screening

Binge watching Netflix on your phone is taxing on the arms, but creating your own hands-free cinema screen is easy if you have an empty box, a pair of scissors and a love for arts and crafts.

The Chive

Watching TV in bed

Being lazy and watching TV in bed is great, but having to account for a picture that's incorrectly aligned when you're horizontal can be such a pain. This young chap had the simple yet genius idea of simply popping his television on its side. We're not sure we'd risk that with a modern flatscreen though. 


Nerf darts and light switches

Too lazy to get up and turn the lights out? No problem. Pop some darts into your trusty Nerf gun and shoot the light switch. Of course, this sort of laziness requires plenty of ammo or a crack shot. Otherwise, you'll end up sleeping with the lights on. 

The Chive

Packaging is just so inconvenient

Modern packaging is a hassle to open. Theft prevention is all well and good until you can't get into the box to use what you bought. This lazy genius just cut out the middleman and plugged the bulb in anyway. 


When laziness becomes a life hack

Sometimes being lazy pays off. We all love a good life hack. Anything that makes life easier is a welcome addition to our knowledgebase. Here a simple tip makes DIY a breeze. Instead of measuring and marking where n you need to drill just photocopy the holes, stick the copy on the wall and drill right through. 


YouTube vs chores

This lazy individual managed to get out of cleaning their room (at least temporarily) by using YouTube videos to replicate the noise of a vacuum cleaner. 

The Chive

Laying down is great

When you don't have a cardboard box, there's always this option for watching videos on your phone or tablet. We're not sure how comfortable it is, but at least there's no danger of dropping a device on your face. 


Mondays are hard 

Mondays are hard work. Dragging yourself into work or college after a hard weekend of relaxing can be too much effort for the modern lazy man. We always wondered why monitors rotated in these weird and wonderful ways. Now we know the answer.


It still works as intended

Another case of frustrating packaging or just a clever use of something for its intended purpose? This doorstop is still keeping the door open, so there aren't too many holes we can pick in this lazy person's logic. 


Getting the most out of your four-legged friend

You have to walk your dog. You have to clean up after them. You have to bring them food. It's only fair every now and then they return the favour. Here, some clever lazy person has added a bottle opener to their dog's collar, now all they need to do is to train Daisy to bring a bottle too. 

The Chive

All the comfort of home on the road

When you need to go out, but can't quite bring yourself to leave the comfort of your favourite leather recliner, there are always other options. This lazy genius has created a new form of transport using a comfy seat and a scooter. We're not too sure it's road legal, but we don't doubt its comfort. 


Lessons in parenting

Parenting is exhausting, there's no doubt about it. Maybe parents like the one pictured here are onto a trick though - why expend important energy on mundane tasks like going out in public when you can use technology to get around?

Just Something

Saving time at Halloween

Buying pumpkins costs money. Carving pumpkins makes a mess. This smarty-pants may well have spent a little of their money on electricity, but they saved time at Halloween. Time that could be much better spent on stuffing sweets or pulling pranks than cutting up a pumpkin that would inevitably rot and be thrown away anyway. 


Taking notes in class

Looks like we're raising a whole generation of lazy people. In the good old days, we had to suffer wrist ache when scrawling pages and pages of notes during lectures. Now the youth just have to remember to bring their phone or tablet to class and make sure they've got a good enough camera to make the "notes" readable. 


Hands-free telephony

The lazy tech user doesn't let things like not having the right equipment hold them back. Making hands-free calls without getting a crick in the neck, even with a corded phone, doesn't have to be difficult. 

Funny Junk

Cooking that will blow you away

Microwave on the fritz? Takeaway arrived cold? No problem, just set your hairdryer to hot and gently warm your food until it's ready to eat again. We can't say we'd recommend this one for hygiene reasons, plus on too high a setting you may well just blow all your food across the room, but it's ingenious anyway. 


Fitbit hacks

People are always finding clever ways to beat the system. We all love a good fitness tracker to help support us on our goals towards weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, but some days you really just don't want to put in those steps. To ease the guilt, this lazy gadget fan simply taped their Fitbit to a desk fan and watched all the steps roll in. 


Letting the dog take you for a walk

Walking the dog is another way to clock up your steps for the day, but letting them loose can give you the edge when it comes to hitting your goals. You're only cheating yourself of course, but if the competition is stiff among friends, why not give yourself the edge on the leaderboard. 

Bored Panda

Lazy child walking

Children are great, but if yours will only nap when you take them out for a walk, then this woman might have the solution for you. Unless you're really into constantly walking everywhere of course. Otherwise, some lazy Segway use could be the perfect solution to lazily getting your child to sleep. 

Crave Online

Daylight savings time

Clocks are such a bore. Every year when daylight savings time comes around (or ends) we have to adjust all the clocks to the right time. Such a hassle. Why bother when a simple sign will do. 

Bored Panda

Walking your human

Dogs are great, we love them, but they do need a lot of looking after. This lazy genius has changed things up a bit by making the dog walking him instead. His four-legged friend sure seems to be enjoying it too, win, win!

Aunty Acid

A watched pot might eventually boil

The clever lazy people among us put technology to good use for even the simplest of tasks. Why keep getting up to check on a boiling pot of food when you can use an IP connected camera, baby monitor or even a phone to watch it from afar?


The writing's on the wall

This one equally belongs in the "you had one job" category of internet memes. Someone really couldn't be bothered to move this clock once something else had been erected in front of it. A quick and simple solution solved the problem with very little effort though. 


A smart viewing experience

Although we can imagine some initial effort went into setting this up, it was far less hassle than having to cut up a cardboard box and now this kid has a perfect way to view his films with ease. 


A new use for FaceTime

We bet when Apple first created FaceTime the developers never thought people would use it to keep an eye on food cooking in their oven. They say the first bite is with the eye. Now you can take that first bite over the internet. 

Now Gamer

A nice relaxing bath

Before there was streaming technology for playing games remotely, there was this guy. 

Taking a bath and video calling his TV so he could play PlayStation games remotely. You have to admire the sheer brilliance behind this one. Though it makes us a bit nervous to see how close that tablet is balanced to the edge of the bath.  


Lazy bird

It's not just people who are lazy apparently, even nature has some lazy clever creatures looking for new and ingenious ways to save energy. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder. Why fly when you can have someone else do it for you? 

Yale Joel/Pinterest

Lazy smoker

Smoking is bad for you and you shouldn't do it. But if you too enjoy a good cigarette, then this lazy chap can help you solve the hassle of dealing with falling ash and mess. A weirdly wonderful cigarette holder/ashtray combination gadget is the answer to all your smoking needs. 

The Things

Cookies and milk

Unless you're lactose or dairy intolerant, if you have some cookies dunking them in milk (or tea for us Brits) is pretty much mandatory. Doing so though, makes unnecessary washing up. Unless, of course, you use the cookie container to hold your drink too. Delicious genius. 

The Things

Colouring box

Does your child enjoy drawing and colouring? Are they dangerous with crayons and can't be trusted near walls? Here's your solution, pop them in a cardboard box and let them get on with it. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.