There's a new ring available that can unlock and authenticate a range of things, including your computer.

It's called Token Ring, and it's from a company called Token. The fingerprint-sensing ring is NFC- and Bluetooth-compatible, meaning it can also work as a payment device or a ticket. While not all these features are available at launch, and some of them do rely on additional hardware, the ring itself could potentially be used in a number of use cases. It's like a one-stop shop gadget.

It's available in six sizes, has a battery that could last up to six weeks and charges through inductive charging, and can be customised with different gesture controls. Token has built up partnerships, including Microsoft, MasterCard, and Visa, so that the ring can unlock your Windows 10 PC and do payments through a companion iOS/Android app that supports Visa and MasterCard.


In terms of being a ticket, it works where contactless ticketing is a available, including London’s transit system. As for unlocking your car, Token will sell a car plug as well as a connected deadbolt for houses that will respond to the ring and thus allow you to access your car or harm. Your car will need to have a start button, however, and you need to send Token a fob so it can design you a car lock.

In other words, it's not exactly smooth sailing. Token Ring has a lot of complicated workarounds in order to for you tap into its full potential, but the concept is certainly interesting. If you think so too, you can pre-order it now for $249 (about £192). If you want the deadbolt and car plug, you're looking at $399 total. Token said you should expect shipments to begin in December.