With an infinite amount of colour hues in the visible spectrum, paint manufacturers will never go hungry. There will always be call for a new shade of violet, indigo or orange.

However, while mixing a new paint colour is tricky in itself, it's far trickier to name one. Perhaps Dulux, Crown or Berger should turn to technology - get a robot AI to name their paints for them.

Er, actually, they shouldn't.

That's because Janelle Shane, from Postcards from the Frontiers of Science, did exactly that. And it didn't go exactly to plan.

She used a neural network, training it to recognise RGB values and basic colours, like white, red and grey. It was taught to associate colours with words and set the task of naming hues it came up with itself. The only problem was that it seemed to have a sense of humour when picking the final names.

Two conclusions were drawn from the final results; the neural network really likes brown; and it sucks at choosing names for colours.

Our favourites, by far, are Snowbonk, Bank Butt, Gray Pubic, Dorkwood, Sindis Poop, Light of Blast, Stanky Bean and, ahem, Turdly.

And we can just imagine our parents heading down to B&Q for a can of Dope.

Here are some of Shane's findings. Brilliant.

Postcards from the Frontiers of Science