Pocket-lint no longer recommends Multipass.

Our recommendation comes following the disappointing news that Multipass has refused to pay Pocket-lint for a partnership campaign promoting the service to our readers.

On numerous attempts to resolve payment, Thibaud de la VIllarmois, the company's CEO, has claimed that Pocket-lint didn't work with parent company of Multipass, SQweb, to help promote Multipass effectively. This is not the case. Pocket-lint has always done its upmost to promote the service to our readers.

Pocket-lint has worked with Multipass for over 15 months promoting the idea of an ad-free internet for a small monthly subscription fee.
However, when it became apparent that Multipass wouldn't or couldn't pay for the work we've done, we had no other option, but to leave the service.

If you are a Multipass customer, we're sorry it hasn't worked out. We really wanted it to, but unfortunately that's not possible now.
If you signed up to the service because of Pocket-lint please contact Multipass to discuss a refund.


You may have seen the yellow Multipass button on our website. 

Pocket-lint has teamed up with Multipass to give you a way to access your favourite websites around the web without adverts, but still with the knowledge that you are supporting the great journalism they offer.

Billed as a Netflix or Spotify for content, using Multipass will allow you to view Pocket-lint completely ad free without the worry of having to install complicated ad blockers or the awkwardness that you aren't supporting your favourite sites who invest thousands to bring you stories, features, and reviews day in day out.

What is Multipass?

Multipass is a multisite subscription to be the premium on a bundle of websites. With a single membership you will be able to surf Multipass sites without adverts, like Pocket-lint, and access exclusive content on others! Instead of buying a pass for each website, which can be complicated and costly, you get a single pass that works on every website … a Multipass!

How does it work?

Click on the button, create a multipass.net account, and try it for free for a month. You don’t need to install anything on your computer and every partner website lets you surf ad free. Simply click on the button "Premium with Multipass" to be automatically connected on your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Who are the partners? 

You can use your Multipass on every partner website without limits. Right now, there are over a dozen English websites covering a range of topics like news, sport, and of course tech and more than 50 French websites available too. Every week, Multipass is adding new partners. Multipass is a great way to discover new and quality content.

How much is Multipass? 

Normally, Multipass is $9.90 per month, but you can get the early adopter (Pocket-lint) price of $3.90 a month for a limited time. What's even better, is you keep that price for the lifetime of your subscription.

You can find out more and sign up for Multipass at https://www.multipass.net/en