We've all heard of Virgin Galactic, but did you know the founder of Amazon has his own private spaceflight company? Well, it's released the first interior photos of its tourism-designed New Shepard rocket.

These photos offer a look at the inside of New Shepard's finished crew capsule. The rocket, which has successfully launched and landed five times so far, is reusable. It will one day take tourists 62 miles above Earth to the edge of space. After accelerating at more than 3 Gs, they'll float around for 150 seconds inside the 60-foot-tall vehicle, which Blue Origin said has the "largest windows in spaceflight history."

According to CEO Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin plans to transport its first round of six tourists by 2018. From the looks of these interior photos, it's clear they will not have to endure cramped cabins. The interior looks spacious and futuristic. We can see reclining black seats with blue trim, and white textured walls, and of course, the Blue Origin feather logo, which is supposedly “a symbol of flight with grace and power".

Blue Origin

Blue Origin isn’t taking flight deposits yet - unlike its main rival, Virgin Galactic, which was founded by Sir Richard Branson in 2004. Virgin Galactic hasn't set a firm timeline for carrying tourists into space, but pre-sale tickets for the trip cost £160,000 each.

An actual mockup of Blue Origin's capsule will be shown off at the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs from 3 April. For more about the company and its plans, check out Pocket-lint's Blue Origin guide.