If you've been thinking about getting Tile, now's the time.

Tile, the company behind the tiny, square-shaped Bluetooth trackers that help you find stuff, has announced it will have a sale on the Slim version of its Tile product. The limited-time offer will be held from 12 March to 18 March, and it's specifically for the four-pack, which normally costs $100 and is available worldwide. You can get it on-sale for just $70. Again, the Tile Mate model is not available as part of the sale.

Confused about what Tile is and how it works? We've explained all you need to know about the gadget below.

What is Tile?

Tile is a Bluetooth tracker with a built-in speaker. You can use the Tile - in conjunction with an app - to find lost items. People use Tile to track all sorts of objects, such as keys, wallets, cars, or laptops. Almost anything can be tracked, including your phone.

How does Tile work?

There's four main aspects to Tile.

First, it has a speaker and works with an app so that you can force it from your phone to ring loudly. You simply put Tile in your wallet or on your keychain or stuff it in or affix it to anything else you might commonly lose, and then you'd use the Tile app to ring it and thus find the lost item. Tile has a 100-foot Bluetooth range.

Second, if you always keep the Tile app running in the background, it will automatically remember the last time and place you last had your Tile/item so you know where to start looking. Third, Tile is a button of sorts, so if you can't find your phone, you can always double press on the Tile itself, which will cause your lost phone ring - even on silent.

Fourth, Tile has a competitive advantage over other Bluetooth trackers because of its “lost and found" network. When something goes missing and it's not where the Tile app last saw it, you can resort to the entire Tile community for help. Tile uses a "passive network”, so any phone running the Tile app is anonymously looking for other "lost" Tiles all the time, like your Tiles.

If you leave your Tile in a jacket at the coffee shop, another Tile user walking by in the next hour can notify you through a passive text message. Then, once youʼre within Bluetooth range, they can "ring" that object through the app to locate it by sound.

What are the different Tile models?

Tiles comes in two different models designed to work with all your favourite things: Tile Slim, which is as thin as two credit cards, and the Tile Mate, which has a convenient hole to attach to your keys or bags. You can pick up a Tile Slim 4-pack now for $70 on sale.