Retro gadgets you can buy that will remind you of the glory days

A simple little device that could help kids learn to spell with a speech synthesis engine that could manage an impressive 200 words.  (image credit: Basic Fun)
The Smartphone Magnifier takes your phone and gives it a retro faux wood television set vibe. Just like days gone by. (image credit: Firebox)
The Leica M10 boast classic looks from days gone by, it also shuns modern functionality of other cameras, like video capture and autofocus. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Wild & Wolf Diner Telephone boasts the vintage charm of a 1950's phone straight out of an American diner. (image credit: Wild & Wolf)
This is phone is a modern re-imagining of the classic early mobile phone from the era of yuppies and Filofaxes. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
This Bluetooth Communicator pairs with your mobile so you can make and receive calls like Captain Kirk himself. (image credit: Firebox)
This one is a mechanical keyboard that's inspired by traditional typewriters with rounded keys, a contemporary design and a satisfying "click-clack" as you type (image credit: Lofree)
Pitched as "the world's first intelligent turntable" this one uses a system that keeps the record still but moves the needle instead. (image credit: LOVE Turntable)
This is a push-button phone rather than a classic rotary, but still has the classic retro vibe with some bright modern colours.  (image credit: Amazon/Wild Wood)
This rad retro radio brings digital audio broadcasts to a 1950's styled set. (image credit: GPO)
This classic 1930's typewriter has been restored and repurposed as a USB/Bluetooth keyboard which you can either hook up to your PC or Mac. (image credit: Amazon)
This is a classically styled arcade cabinet that you can dock your iPad into to play classic games with a joystick and buttons too. (image credit: Amazon)
An Apple Watch stand that's designed to look like the Macintosh computers we knew and loved in the 1980's, (image credit: ELAGO)
This little package brings classic 8-bit gaming to the big screen with upscaling for modern HD TVs and the ability to save your game progress. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Sega Arcade Classic features 80 old-school 16-bit Sega favourites from Golden Axe to Sonic the Hedgehog. (image credit: Menkind)
The original View-Master came out in 1939 and let people see stereoscopic 3D colour images via thin cardboard disks slotted into the headset. (image credit: Amazon)
A simple gadget that turns a tape deck into a Bluetooth capable sound system. Retro and modern too. (image credit: Amazon)
Relive the thrill of creating a personalised mixtape with this USB gift pack. A fun way to remember the old days. (image credit: Amazon)
Is this the pinnacle in remote control geekiness? A universal remote control built to look like a phaser from the original Star Trek series. (image credit: The Wand Company)
An antique-styled phonograph, complete with turntable, CD player, AM/FM radio. Something for everyone? (image credit: Amazon)
Portable battery packs are popular these days, almost as popular as 3.5-inch floppy disks in the 1990s. (image credit: Remax)