While the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic concentrate on launching the latest and greatest devices that are sure to enhance and enrich our lives, a number of manufacturers use CES to launch gadgets that aren't, perhaps, 100 per cent with that goal in mind.

In the past, CES has offered gems like a belt that loosens itself the more you eat, a fork that will tell you you are eating too quickly, an umbrella that would tell you it was about to rain, and supposedly next big thing in personal transportation that never happened.

CES 2017 is no different, with a number of companies launching gadgets that will make you laugh and cry rather than reach for your credit card. Yep, these are the wacky, crazy, or just down right bonkers gadgets of CES 2017.

How about a cute robot that follows you around the house, or maybe a bed that warms your toes when you get in it, before raising your head when it detects you start to snore?

We'll be adding to this article as we discover more wonderful, magical, marvellous gadgets.

Kerastase Hair Coach powered by Withings

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The Kerastase Hair Coach (£160) has been created by Withings, L'Oreal's Technology Incubator, and Kerastase to help people understand their hair more.

By including a microphone that listens to the sound of brushing hair to identify patterns, providing insights into manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage, sensors that measures the force, movement, and wetness, and even an accelerometer and gyroscope, the companies hope to help people who really care about these things, measure the quality of hair and the effects of different hair care routines have.

As you might expect in this connected world, the smart hairbrush automatically synchronises via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a dedicated mobile app that provides valuable information including a hair quality score, data on the effectiveness of brushing habits, personalised tips.

Griffin Bluetooth Toaster

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Yes you read that right, Griffin has launched a toaster with Bluetooth support so you can control your bread toasting via an app on your phone.

According to the company, the Connected Toaster offers personalised settings for the perfect slice, the option to adjust the temperature based on bread type, and of course the ability to connect to other "connected" kitchen accessories.

Those accessories include a Connected Coffee Maker and a Connected Mirror. Available sometime after April, it will cost $99 in the US. 

The Smart Cane

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Created by French company Dring, the smart cane is designed to detect any unusual situation like falling over or lower activity and then automatically alert carers and family, without any action from the user, if needed.

Smart tea brewing

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Us Brit’s love a good spot of tea, but woe betide anyone who brews a bad cup and so to save you the worry, 42tea has created an Nespresso-like experience for tea drinkers with added “smarts”.

The 42tea cube works out what sort of tea you’re using, before letting you simply pop it into the water to determine the corresponding water temperature and brewing time.

The smart machine then connects to your phone allowing you to change settings within the app so you can cater to number of people you’re brewing for too.

The cube will be on sale later this year for around $55/£44 just in time for you to invite the local vicar around for a cuppa.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

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Whatever you think of your bed, this bed is "smarter". Not only will it warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster, but it will also detect when you are snoring and adjust the mattress to create the ideal position while you sleep to make you stop.

If that wasn't enough it will also adjust the hardness of the mattress as you toss and turn to help give you the best night's sleep while even going as far to wake you when you are sleeping your lightest.

The scent powered sleep aid

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Dubbed “Oria”, this box intends to improve your sleep through the power of scents to help you fall asleep faster or keep you in a deeper sleep for longer.

Aromas such as powdered rose, peach and pear, with notes of talc and musk are delivered by capsules and said to last two months on daily use.

Oria will be available to purchase for around $149/£120 from summer 2017, but whether it becomes just an expensive alternative to pot pourri remains to be seen.

Kuri robot

If you like the idea of Amazon Echo but are frustrated that it's not in every room of your house, Kuri ($700) is probably the gadget for you, maybe. 

It's a small cute robot that looks like its escaped Pixar's Wall-e (the design lead used to work at Pixar) and will follow you around the house so you can bark orders at it any point. In return it will look cute, blink its eyes at you, control your gadgets via IFTT, let you check on your house with its built-in camera, and even read your kids a bedtime story if you're stuck in the office.

An emotion sensing smart dog collar

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Sick and tired of boring dog collars that do nothing more than keep your dog on a leash, then maybe a smart dog collar is what you need.

Kyon is a smart dog collar packed full of all sorts of sensors including a 9-axis accelerometer, altimeter, heat sensor, water sensor, GPS chip, GSM antenna and more allowing you to keep tabs on man’s best friend.

Beyond the usual tracking options you might expect, Kyon also promises via the heat and water sensors to warn you if your pooch gets too hot or falls into water. You can even use the ultrasound module to pacify dogs before potential fights break out.

Kyon will retail at $249 with the additional cost of $4.99 a month for the GPS tracking and will go on sale later in January.  

PowerRay underwater drone

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When you've done conquering the air with your drone, the next uncharted place is the sea. The PowerRay robot can dive as deep as 30 meters or 98 feet underwater and is, say its makers, designed to revolutionise freshwater, saltwater, or ice fishing for today's fishing fans. 

Once you've found the fish you can then use the device's Wi-Fi to send back a 4k video or pictures to the accompanying app, and an optional extra will even go as far as using sonar to give you an exact location and a fish luring light with a hue of blue. Of course there is a first person view for VR fans.

The first toothbrush with artificial intelligence

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Ever felt like you’re not getting quite enough out of your toothbrush? Then there’s good news for you from CES in the form of the World’s first artificially intelligent toothbrush.

Essentially this is a toothbrush built to learn how you brush in order to tell you when you’re doing it wrong.

Kolibree also pitched their new product as a tool to help your children learn how to brush their teeth by playing games as they brush. And people worry about the attention snap of the ADHD generation…

Virtual reality shoes

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No one needs carpet ruining their gaming immersion when they’ve strapped on a VR headset, which is why Cerevo have taken VR to the next level by releasing a set of haptic feedback footwear.

Now you’ll not only be able to see your virtual world, but feel it too. Demonstrations have included the feeling of walking over sand, snow and water in the virtual world.

Selfie-friendly smart mirror

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One for selfie-lovers, the HiMirror Plus is a new level of smart mirror to help beautify yourself or snap the perfect selfie.

With the backing of integrated smart tech and ambient lighting, the company promises you’ll be able to scroll through different “real world” scenes to simulate what your face will look like in those different locations before you even leave the house.

As if that wasn’t enough, this smart mirror can even utter words of encouragement to keep you on top of your game.

Smart and automated cat feeders

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If there’s one thing our feline friends have always wanted it’s to not to have to rely on their human overlords to provide them with sustenance. Thanks to Catspad, that’s no longer a problem.

This automated smart cat feeder will keep your cats fed for up to a month without any human interaction.

It will dispense (dry) food and filtered water at automated times of the day and even monitors levels of food left in the bowl to track specific consumption levels.

Microchipped cats can be personally identified and tagged via the app too, so you can ensure each pussy gets its fair share.

Smart wine dispenser

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10-vins unveiled an updated version of its smart wine dispenser it showed off at last year’s CES.

The D-vine smart dispenser will help ensure you always have the perfect wine to accompany your meal and reduce the risk of faux pas from serving vino at the wrong temperature.

Including a large touch screen, cooling and airing mechanisms and a companion app, this gadget promises to help you have a nice glass whenever you want, but served as it would be by a professional.

The hefty $1,000 starting price might be enough to drive most people to drink though.

Smelly fridge sensor

Aryballe technologiescrazy and wacky gadgets of ces 2017 connected beds robots and more image 17

The next level of smart sensors lies in odour detectors. The NeOse Pro is being shown off at CES by Aryballe Technologies and purports to use a combination of chemical sensors and optical detectors to identify a scent based on its molecules.

The future of odour detection is an app that can tell you what a sensor is sniffing by accessing a huge database of known smells.

Future applications could include detecting gone off cheese in the fridge or more sensible uses like testing air quality or monitoring waste management. Who NeOse what the future smells like?

Smart trainers

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Smart connected footwear is nothing new, but Digitsole’s latest offering certainly promises a lot more than just the standard fitness tracking ensemble.

These new trainers include adaptive cushioning to take care of increased force from a hard run and thus reduce the danger of impact related injuries.

As if that wasn't enough, Digitsole is also releasing women's high-heel shoes with a smartphone-operated telescopic heel. Now you can increase your height with the simple click of a button.