(Pocket-lint) - Remember that cardboard smartphone projector that was all the rage a few Christmases ago? We've found something similar, only it's super nostalgic.

On Firebox right now you can buy a toy that blows up your smartphone videos on a TV-like display. That TV has a faux-wood exterior and a warped 8-inch screen and no remote control. It's supposed to recreate the look of old school box televisions. Even the side hatch, which is where you slip your phone into the magnifier, is designed to resemble old VHS tapes.

The idea is that you can bring up your favourite Netflix episode on your phone, then slot it into the magnifier via the side hatch, and sit back and watch as your TV show is "transformed into blown-up vintage masterpieces" - warped display quality and all. But aside from reminiscing, you will be watching videos at nearly twice the size because of the 8-inch screen.

It's the lo-fi, handsfree way to watch magnify films on your smartphone. We can imagine this coming in handy in the tub, when you want to watch a video on your phone, but need to keep it away from the water. Just put it in the Smartphone Magnifier, and you're good to go.

Writing by Elyse Betters.