No matter how hard you practice, on-screen keyboards are difficult to use.

Maybe we're old and simply conditioned to typing on physical keyboards, but getting the knack of virtual ones while on the go is hard, and frankly, not practical if you're the kind of person who types thousands of words a day. Sure, there are built-in keyboard cases that try to help iPad users, but they're often too small, flimsy, expensive, and still not as efficient as full-sized keyboards. They're also limited to just one type of device.

But Canopy could be the solution to all our woes. It's a $40 keyboard case and iOS device stand. It basically holds an Apple Magic Keyboard and folds open to create a stand for your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, or any iOS device. It claims to be sturdy enough to be used in bed, on your lap, at a desk, on an airplane... wherever, whenever. It connects via Bluetooth and features a canvas exterior with a microfiber interior.


The Apple Magic Keyboard attaches via micro-suction pads, so it’s held firmly in, Canopy claims. Keep in mind other Magic Keyboard cases are already available, but this Canopy one looks so sleek and promises to be thin and light.

If it interests you, head to Canopy's website. It is available to preorder now.