(Pocket-lint) - Find your Keys, wallet, phone, anything with Tile.

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled tracker and companion app that allows you to locate your items, fast. And now this best-selling device comes in two different forms designed to work with all your favorite things:

●      Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards so it fits perfectly into any wallet or purse.

●      Tile Mate has a convenient hole to attach to your keys or bags.

Attach Tile to anything you’d hate to lose and you can always find it fast.  Use the free Tile app to make your Tile devices ring when you’re within Bluetooth range so you can find them by sound. If you’re out of Bluetooth range, the Tile app remembers the last place you had your things and even shows you where they are on a map.

If you still can’t find your lost item, use Tile’s Community Find feature. Now anyone in Tile’s global community of users can automatically update you on your item’s most recent location just by passing by it! The update is automatic and anonymous!

The most common uses of Tile devices are hanging one on your keychain or slipping one in your wallet, so that you can find your keys and wallet, at any time, but there are several other ways to use Tile. In fact, hereʼs five clever uses for this helpful little device.

Use Tile Slim to track a lost jacket.

Have you ever left your jacket at a bar or restaurant? Well, with a Tile Slim, you can still locate it wherever it is. Simply slip the ultrathin Tile Slim into your jacket pocket and use the "Last Place Seen” feature. If your Tile app is running, it is constantly scanning for your Tiles nearby. If a Tile goes out of range, like when you leave it somewhere, the app will mark it on the map so you can go back to that last known location, including the exact spot your jacket was left.

Take advantage of the Tile network

Tile’s competitive advantage over other Bluetooth trackers lies in its massive “lost and found" network. When something goes missing and it's not where the Tile app last saw it, you can ask the Tile community for help. Tile uses a "passive network”, so any phone running the Tile app is anonymously looking for other "lost" Tiles all the time. So, if you leave your Tile in a purse at a store, another Tile user will walk by your purse in the next hour and can notify you through a passive text message. Then, once youʼre within Bluetooth range, they can "ring" that object through the app to locate it by sound.

You can build your own network to increase your chances of finding something you've misplaced too. Every person who downloads the app becomes a node in your network - they don't even have to own a Tile. Tile lets you retrace your footsteps There is another feature you can use to find Tile. You can retrace your steps with the Tile app, then use the Tile's proximity sensor to help you locate it. Imagine having a Tile in your camera bag, but then you lose your camera while out. This feature can help you retrace your steps and find your camera. 

Find your car in the parking lot

Have you ever come back from a shopping trip only to realize that you totally forgot where you parked your car? The solution? Place a dedicated Tile in your car, then run the Tile app to remember where you parked. And if your vehicle happened to be towed, the location of your Tile could be anonymously updated by another member of the Tile community - just by running the app in the background on their phone. You merely need to open the Tile app and then follow the directions to your car.

Find a lost stuffed animal

People use Tile to track all sorts of objects - like keys, wallets, cars, or laptops. Almost anything can be tracked, including stuffed animals.Imagine your daughter has a stuffed teddy and youʼre on vacation somewhere and notice several hours later thatʼs missing. If it has a Tile attached, you can find it.