There are plenty of places that will insure your tech goodies. So what’s so special about Gadget Cover? Here are six standout reasons to make Gadget Cover your choice.

Truly instant cover

This is a key feature. If you’re going on holiday tomorrow, today even, and realise you need to insure your stuff, it’s no good if by the time you’ve filled in a long form and have reached the small print that you spot it only comes into effect after 14 days! Gadget Cover has no exclusion period – your goods are covered straight away.

Damage cover 

Water damage is one of the most common ways people break their phones or tablets. Some companies will insure you against this, no problem. But Gadget Cover goes one step further by insuring you against liquid damage, so not just water. Which is handy, whether it’s coffee or your G&T that doused your phone. Damage cover also includes screens which have cracked or shattered (another common complaint) and damage to the body of your gadget as well. 

Low excess fee

It’s all very well to find a place with low-ish premiums, but look carefully as it’s quite common to find a high excess built in. And if you’re not careful, that high excess could make you feel it’s just not worth claiming in which case, why have the insurance in the first place? With Gadget Cover you can relax: if the value of the device you’re claiming for is up to £250, the excess is £25, then £50 on devices between £251 and £500 and £75 on devices over £501.

Convenient Apple repairs

This is a good one: when you’ve banjaxed your iPhone, say, you don’t necessarily want to trust your beloved gadget to just any old repairer, reputable though many of them are. With Gadget Cover, once your claim is authorised you can choose to get your Apple devices repaired at your local Apple Store and have the cost reimbursed to you. So you know it will have the best-quality parts, knowhow and service.

Unlimited claims and no claims bonus

This is win-win. If you are covered for it, Gadget Cover will let you have unlimited repairs or replacements, which is useful if you’re habitually clumsy or just repeatedly unlucky. On the other hand, if you take extra care and have good luck, you may not need to make a claim at all. In which case you’ll be glad of the no-claims bonus. If no claim is made in the first year of the policy you’ll receive 25% off the excess fee when you do claim. Plus, the level of discount increases over time so two years claim-free you’ll receive 50% discount and 75% discount for three years. Stay claim-free for four years and there’s no excess fee at all when you claim.

Optional loss cover

For an additional premium, you can be covered for loss as well as damage, breakdown (in many cases), unauthorised usage or theft. So if you’re insuring a phone, tablet or smart watch, Gadget Cover will replace it if you’ve lost it. Gadget Cover has its fair share of unusual claims. So when one customer had her phone stolen from her bag by a monkey, she’d have been covered whether it was loss or theft. Maybe the creature misunderstood when it had heard that the phone was an Apple, or a BlackBerry.